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  1. TJ Jim

    Replacement PCM for 04 Rubicon?

    What’s wrong with yours?
  2. TJ Jim

    4.0 Cylinder Block Interchangeability

    Which engines will work on an 04?
  3. TJ Jim

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    But oh so true😆
  4. TJ Jim

    Replacing steering box; pitman arm removal?

    I’ve ordered from deadjeeps. They’ve got a website you can order from too. I’ve had good luck with them
  5. TJ Jim

    Pros and cons of buying / selling a Jeep from or to a friend

    Sold a car to a friend of mine. He had half the money so I sold it to him knowing I’d probably never see the other half. I was right, but going in knowing I’d never see the other half didn’t bother me. I had a good job making great money and he was struggling to get by. It was an old beater...
  6. TJ Jim

    Engine revs and dies suddenly

    Follow the hiss. Sounds like a vacuum leak
  7. TJ Jim

    Alabama Any Alabama folks recognize these tunnels?

    And as @John Cooper is the first to respond 😂
  8. TJ Jim

    Wera Joker Adjustable wrenches

    Hold the back nut is a good idea. Now I gotta go back to Lowe’s and rethink the purchase! Hmmmmmm? I love tools
  9. TJ Jim

    Wera Joker Adjustable wrenches

    Saw something similar at Lowe’s. It wasn’t $150, more like $15. It was a Crescent BRAND adjustable wrench that reverses to be square or jawed. I agree with @flyinfish on not enough room to make it useful.
  10. TJ Jim

    My wife just called me a Jeep Snob

    And would she be wrong? This is your wife making this claim.
  11. TJ Jim

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

  12. TJ Jim

    AEV 112 Stretched Jeep

    Wow. Figured it’d go for some really unreasonable high price. There’s some not so great Jeeps around here on Craigslist going for close to that price.
  13. TJ Jim

    Badlands 12K Winch Battery Power Question

    Yeah it’s not bad enough that I read about Jeep parts I’ve gotta have on here. Now there’s a meter I’ve got to add to my collection. 😤
  14. TJ Jim

    Badlands 12K Winch Battery Power Question

    Holy cow wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it. When did they come up with that trick? Been outta the business for too long!
  15. TJ Jim


    I’m hoping there are aftermarket systems available like there is for small block Chevy engines. @macleanflood posted a company called Haltech computers that does make systems for some of the rice burners but not for our Jeeps. Matt’s off-road recovery on YouTube has modified his Cherokee and the...
  16. TJ Jim

    Badlands 12K Winch Battery Power Question

    Clamp only works on a single ac line. Not dc. You’ll have to go in series on amp scale to read dc current.
  17. TJ Jim

    Crank but no start on my 99 TJ

    Dielectric grease is an insulator which stops the flow of electrons. Read the part on which chemicals will remove the grease. You need to get all of it from the metal contacts.
  18. TJ Jim

    Crank but no start on my 99 TJ

    Definitely. You can put it on the outside on the seals but never on the metal contacts. It does not conduct electricity.