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    What's on your winter upgrade / TODO list?

    Love those rims!!!
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    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    My wife would say “BLESS HIS HEART”
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    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    What the hell is that on the steering wheel?
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    To sell or not to sell? 2004 LJ

    Don’t sell, you will regret it big time!
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    Griffin Replacement Radiator

    When I bought my Jeep it had a leaking CSF copper/brass radiator. Replaced with Mopar luckily
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    35's or Turbo (or) Supercharger?

    I would really research the supercharger choice. Seems to be a lot of trouble with them as far as tuning.
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    Bronco Raptor

    The buyer said he was going to part her out 🤫
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    Bronco Raptor

    She’s a classic 1952 model, but yes I dropped The reserve and she’s gone!
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    Bronco Raptor

    Missed that cause wife comes in and says “do we have to watch that “😂 now she’s gone again
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    Bronco Raptor

    Watching MECUM auction. $120000 bid was not enough 😳
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    New guy here from Murray, KY

    Thank you for your service on this Veteran’s day!
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    Show off your lift and wheel combos: a visual reference thread

    Show off😂just realized that is the title of this thread
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    Middle TN 02 build

    Bad ass Jeep man! I’m usually not a fan of the Bed liner look but since your paint was bad that is a good choice. I remember when I was quite a bit younger there was a Jeep in a magazine that was about the same color as yours. They add black...
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    LCoG and long arm lifts

    Yes it is but I really feel that it belongs to Mr Blaine and I shouldn’t have mentioned it
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    LCoG and long arm lifts

    Don’t forget FUCKTARDS!
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    Surface mount conduit or fish wires? Adding outlets

    I don’t see why not. My garage is the redneck pole barn type with the wire exposed 😂
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    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    Not coilovers just coils 😂
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    Denso Radiator for TJ

    Mine had a CFS in it when I bought it. Had to replace it because it was leaking.