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  1. Badgerbiter

    Jeep "Bug Out" Bag

    In reach mini as I go out of cell range in just a couple of miles.
  2. Badgerbiter

    Missing leak detection pump and filter

    My 2000 4.0 is missing the same fitting. Jeep runs like a top and I don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken, but it does bug me! like yours, it looks like something was attached fairly recently as it is not covered with dust or oil.
  3. Badgerbiter

    Spare tire brake light LED ring

    It seems like it would be a no brainer but I bought one a few years ago and the spare wheel (stock) would not clear the ring. I destroyed the ring trying to cut it down, I ended up mounting a trailer tail light that can be seen through the bike frame. i don’t always run a spare But you can see...
  4. Badgerbiter

    Where should this missing vacuum hose go?

    I looked pretty diligently this morning and still can not determine what is missing. Does anyone have a picture from their 2000 I6 of this side of the intake manifold. Engine is running great and no codes.
  5. Badgerbiter

    Where should this missing vacuum hose go?

    I found a diagram on another thread that might get me where I want to go. It’s as is a whole chunk of the vac system dropped off. Weird. Thanks for the help.
  6. Badgerbiter

    Washington I need a Jeep parts store in Seattle, WA, preferably in the lower half, but will travel.

    Contact Jose at Rockridge 4WD in Wenatchee, WA. He is a wizard with wiring. Good folks to deal with.
  7. Badgerbiter

    Help me spend my money wisely

    Buy some energy stocks! And hold on to your ass!
  8. Badgerbiter

    Bought my wife a JL

    I tried to print the “butt hurt report” as I need to send one to my sister but couldn’t figure it out! Dang. I just wanted it to look professional.
  9. Badgerbiter

    Tire chain storage

    My chains stay in the garage in a plastic milk carton with the tightners. If I do use them I hose them off and let the dry out. They ride around in the back of both of our 4 WD’s from Nov-Mar as required by law. I usually end up using mine at least once a year. The set on my wife’s car have...
  10. Badgerbiter

    Intermittent Headlights

    I don’t drive much at night so I was amazed when the lights went out on the freeway in the dark. Pure panic!!! After you clean your underwear…… Change the easy plug (plunger switch) . Likely you will see burned, (or heat distortion) of the female plug. I initially cleaned the receiver plug as...
  11. Badgerbiter

    What's going on with my lugnuts?

    Thanks for the post OP! I have learned a few things from the conversation.
  12. Badgerbiter

    Ball mount snapped and killed driver (Warning: images - no gore or blood)

    Well done. Having daylight and better tools make a huge difference, hence I have an over abundance of tools aboard my Jeep.
  13. Badgerbiter

    Gobi Rack Axe And Shovel Mount Alternatives

    Folks will steal a lot of stuff but in my experience not many thieves will bother with a short handle shovel. I just use a bungee cord On the shovel to the rack. The axe might go missing to the homeless, maybe keep that inside the Jeep. I have opted for a sharp machete and a cross cut saw in...
  14. Badgerbiter

    Should I remove my mud flaps?

    (my Jeep came to me with mudflaps). I liked my mudflaps a lot until I backed up on a steep incline and tore both off. A badly attended funeral for them was the last thought I had of them until today.
  15. Badgerbiter

    Washington No More Free Camping and Use Fee Purposed Gifford Pinchot Nat Forest Please Read

    Just paid land use fees for Mtn bike in OR. Sisters does have a fantastic riding area. They also have a bike shop that serves some of the best beers in the NW. Cool blues festival too, last weekend!
  16. Badgerbiter

    How far can a 4.0 go?

    228. Original miles (engine, tranny etc) Plenty of new parts. Mostly steering, u-joints axles, shocks, springs, sensors, etc. Always upgrade if possible.. Lockers (pneumatic) front and rear. I drive it every day. Runs like a top (knock on wood). lot’s of good info on this forum..
  17. Badgerbiter

    Canvas Tool Wrap Comparison

    I also bought the Terrev. Works great and I really appreciate that I can hang it open on the back of my rig. It makes the tools much easier to access. Thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Badgerbiter

    What survival get home supplies do you carry?

    Garmin In Reach Mini