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  1. ChadRay13

    TJ randomly will not crank after sitting, even with new battery

    My experience with the ignition pin was that if you turned the key to far, it would go to a bad spot speeding past the "good" spot. Since your is intermittent, try turning the key slowly to start or turning it all the way and ever so slightly turn it back. See if it catches a good contact.
  2. ChadRay13

    Winch Wiring Advice

    Hey Jerry, I'm working on piecing together everything I need for a winch and this might be a silly question: would there be any downside to getting some black garden hose, cutting it to length and fishing the disassembled winch wire through it? This way there is the added protection the entire...
  3. ChadRay13

    Bestop vs Quadratec Soft Top

    My jeep had a Quadratec on it when I bought it but the zippers ripped. It was incredibly tight and I would fight to get the tabs above the doors out. I put a Best Top on and it's must looser but does not flog.
  4. ChadRay13

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Swapped out Rough Country shocks for Rancho shocks this morning. Much softer on asphalt, haven’t gone on any trails to compare yet.
  5. ChadRay13

    Musings On The Jeep Wave

    I remember growing up my dad always doing the Jeep wave. Now that I’ve had my own Jeep (3 months) and live in a small town, I find I’m waving to the same Jeeps multiple times a day. Especially when there’s at least 3 others who drop their kids of at the elementary as mine. It’s a positive little...
  6. ChadRay13

    Thoughts on Grille Guards?

    Most Brush/Grill Guards I've seen that hit anything just get pushed into the grill negating their function. They will not stop an animal hit such as a deer etc, ask me how I know. I think the OP may be referring to a stinger or winch guard, which in my opinion are not aesthetically pleasing but...
  7. ChadRay13

    Outdoor Storage Options

    I would make a second vote for a connex. Another sneaky option is a self storage facility.
  8. ChadRay13

    Local shop won't use my parts

    When I worked at a shop, it wasn’t always about the parts but taking in jobs the owner already started. Never failed that they royally messed something up. My boss would be upfront and disclose that the labor cost will go up if we had to fix their mistake. No warranty on parts brought in either.
  9. ChadRay13

    New Florida TJ tag

    Renew your registration lol
  10. ChadRay13

    New Florida TJ tag

    The report does say two, so it must be delayed.
  11. ChadRay13

    New Florida TJ tag

    BRB - Heading to Tax, Tag, and Title.
  12. ChadRay13

    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    Does the forum have any body shop guys that can post frame measurements to reference?
  13. ChadRay13

    Front Driver Side Coil Bowing

    Once you have the Jack stand under the axle and not under the frame, I’m curious to see if the body sits level. Disregard - I was curious if they had difference spring stiffness but he swapped side to side.
  14. ChadRay13

    Engine Won't Start on First Try

    We would call this Crank NO Start but I'm glad others had more critical thinking than me. lol
  15. ChadRay13

    Coil spring is bowing on Rough Country lift

    I’d measure the spring outside of the vehicle and contact RC to ensure it’s the ones you were supposed to receive with a 2in lift.
  16. ChadRay13

    Why do I always do something stupid?

    While all the exact tools needed were still laying on the ground within arms reach, I'd put them on and call it a job done.
  17. ChadRay13

    Any tips or suggestions for replacing center console lock?

    I drenched and cleaned mine in WD-40 Silicone to clean it because it was stuck (wouldn’t push in to release). I hope I don’t my lose latching function due to being too clean now. Lol
  18. ChadRay13

    Glove box lock cylinder survey

    2005 has it - didn’t realize I was responding to an old thread.
  19. ChadRay13

    Any tips or suggestions for replacing center console lock?

    Adding the slots a good add-in I didn’t think off. Keep the piece from pulling up.
  20. ChadRay13

    No Start Unless Jumped at Starter Relay

    The ignition switches are notorious for going bad. Try and slowly turn to the start position and see if it engages. Years ago I diagnosed my dads Jeep, it had a hair line spot that would still engage the starter but if you turned the key all the way you’d pass it. The issue was turning the key...