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    Let's talk towing

    Towing might not be an issue but stopping is another story. I've done some pretty dumb stuff towing big air compressors and generators never had an issue towing but had a few pedal to the floor moments trying to stop.
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    What would your dream bumper set look like?

    My buddy has a Savvy Rear Bumper it's seen plenty of abuse and has held up well to many circumstances. The backstory on this photo is we had just finished a Trail in Apple Valley called Mouse Trap. The road leading out to the trail is a dumping ground for the tweakers in the area. While airing...
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    Will factory length shocks on a 4 inch lift cause a bad ride?

    No problem at all I appreciate what you and other's have done out at Calico. Off Road enthusiasts here on the west coast are fortunate to have public lands to recreate on but everyday groups are fighting to keep our land open. People should buy products from companies that support or sport and...
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    Will factory length shocks on a 4 inch lift cause a bad ride?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was given a free set of Rancho Shocks to Raffle off at a Clean Up Event. Look around Social Media these days and what people will do or say to receive free products. Especially feel sorry for the folks that pimp shitty products like Milestar tires to their...
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    So why does this happen?

    Wondering what type of Suspension System this guy is running? Low COG- 50-50 Travel- Steel Belted Underwear
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    So why does this happen?

    Another fine example of somebody thinking all the best parts will make them a better driver.
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    Looking at simple solutions for replacement bumpers

    My buddy runs the dirtworx bumpers heavy as hell and ugly as sin. Then you give them that special rattle can finish for the true Craigslist homemade look.
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    Spare Tire Mount

    Yep. There should be latches on the inside of the vertical bars that allow you to clamp down on old school Jerry cans. When I purchased my tj it had both the front and rear Body Armor Bumpers. The front one was decent. The rear was never happy with a 35" MTR on a steel wheel. Rattled like hell...
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    What are you guys using for tire air compressors?

    In my truck I have the ARB Twin it works well. I recently bought JK and it has the system in it with an ARB Twin Little to fancy for me but it works. In my Tj I have the Maxi Trac from Napa Cheap but works really well with some upgrades. I reworked the...
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    Spare Tire Mount

    I believe the bumper was made by Body Armor. A Square tube slides into the receiver with a flat plate on the end with wheel studs. The flat part on top of the receiver with the two holes hold the forum loving Hi Lift Jack.
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    33s with a 4 inch lift enough for the rubicon trail

    I agree not difficult if you stay within your limits of your vehicle and driving ability. There is plenty of places along the trail that will get your attention if your willing to try it. On one of our trips coming up Cadillac Hill we spotted a Yota Truck taking a nap off the edge similar to this.
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    33s with a 4 inch lift enough for the rubicon trail

    Your experience on bikes and quads definitely transfer over. Reading the terrain and picking the right lines will help tremendously. Having 33s and open diffs is going to take some effort and your potential for breakage is going to be higher. The better prepared you are the less chance for...
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    33s with a 4 inch lift enough for the rubicon trail

    What’s your experience level? All I ever read is how’s your Jeep equipped and leave out driver ability.
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    The Retarded RZR Thread

    Here's Gerald's at Savvy's SXS Samauri Body mounted on a Polaris. Don't know what he was on when he came up with this idea
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    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

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    Spooners Canyon in Johnson Valley, an EPIC story of how it came to be

    Wait to you hear how Chocolate Thunder gots its name.
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    Rear Cargo Basket Options

    I have the American Adventure Lab Product. It works well for extra gear for those overnight trips
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    Advice for first time on the rocks

    Read the trail meaning look for signs where others have gone. Tire marks on the rocks is a good sign scrapes on the rocks with a gear oil smell not so good. Look far enough down the trail to plan your next move. Lastly and most importantly look out the windshield and don’t be a dumbass and drive...
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    Samurai pros and cons

    Wheeled with bunch of them. Very capable with the right driver.
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    Best type of suspension system?

    Maybe you should submit for the Savvy Kit to be approved and let us know how it goes. I would suspect that the lower classes are entry level and requiring a manufactured kit is a way to keep the costs down and keep a somewhat level playing field.