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    Safe way to raise TJ to flush brake fluid?

    Are the threads on the front and rear the same? For some reason, this is showing it only fits the front calipers for me.
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    Quick disconnects bushing install

    I had the same issue..... I have an anti-rock now and those disconnects and bushings are in a box somewhere in the garage.
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    CB works and doesn't work

    I've got at Cobra 75wxst that seemingly works perfectly fine when I'm sitting still. As soon as we start moving, I lose most all communication. What should I be checking?
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    Rear Dana 44 axle seal

    That says it's for drum brakes only. What's different for the bearing, retainer or seal between drums and disks?
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    Rear Dana 44 axle seal

    I've got a seal leaking so I'm going to replace it with the Timken seal that's recommended. I assume it's best to go ahead and change the bearing and race as well, correct? What's the right part numbers for those?
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    Rear Body Mounts

    When I installed my 1.25BL, I ended up drilling out enough of the spot welds so that I could peel up the back portion enough to get to it. I then broke away the piece that covers the nut and put a wrench on it. I just put a regular nut back in, tightened it down and spot welded the outer piece...
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    Where are you mounting your on-board air compressors?

    I've got an '03 so no canister there and fenders as well. I'm going to have to check that out a little more. Did you have to remove the abs tray?
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    Where are you mounting your on-board air compressors?

    I didn't think a dual would fit in that area. Do you think the fenders you have opened up enough room for the install or do you think there would be room there with stock fenders?
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    Just a Jeep picture

    Here's mine.
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    ARB hose preference

    I'm fine with their standard tubing and will likely get a couple push lock fittings for quick repairs. My issue is that the 2 units came with different tubing for each of them.
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    ARB hose preference

    I just had my jeep regeared as well as f/r arb's installed. My rear has the traditional blue air hose that I've seen on other arb's. The rear has black hose that is slightly larger in diameter and a little stiffer. Is there one or the other that has been found to be more reliable? I'd like...
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    Wobble between 55-65 mph

    Thanks. I just rebuilt all the control arms in the last 500 miles. I had this wobble before and after the rebuild. I did find some worn bushings so I was hoping that would be the cause but it wasn't. I'll try rotating the tires so I can at least confirm that is the issue.
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    Wobble between 55-65 mph

    So as long as I don't have 2 bad, I should be able to rotate the tires and at least get the issue out of the front end, right?
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    Wobble between 55-65 mph

    I've had a wobble in the steering when driving between 55-65 for awhile and need some thought on what I can look at to help out. It's not so bad that I have to speed up or slow down to drive. Bumps don't make it better or worse. I've got an RE3.5" lift with adjustable control arms, Currie...
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    What did you do to your TJ today?

    What did you use to house the electronics? I want to do the same and bought the plate with switches but can't find a housing for it.
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    Torque box body mount nut spinning

    Edit: sorry. Wrong forum but I don't see how to move it... I'm replacing my squashed jks body lift with the savvy system. Everything is going fine except for one of the rear torque box bolts. The nut must be spinning in the torque box. Looking at this pic that Blaine posted gives me an idea...
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    Flag Mount

    I have this one and it works great and has a bunch of options that are easy to change out. Forever Wave