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  1. CherokeeKid

    Swing out tire carrier bumper? I've been running this for awhile now. Opens with the factory tailgate but keeps tire weight on bumper. Well built in USA; I lift the jeep by this bumper, I've yanked the jeep by...
  2. CherokeeKid

    Has anyone tested these 4.0 headers and carbs from Cliffords?

    I ran clifford intake and header on a 258. As for clifford; good quality products & customer service from my experience. I wouldn't believe those claims and I'd never move away from EFI.
  3. CherokeeKid

    Aftermarket Dana 44 Options

    I've not noticed it sitting any higher... I should have height measurements written down somewhere, I'll check later. Lift is all currie except with savvy DA arms. Advertised as 4 inch lift... Again need to check old measurements. Below is info copy/pasted from another post if it helps. Here...
  4. CherokeeKid

    Aftermarket Dana 44 Options

    I've only got a couple hundred miles on my 35 spline 489 but it's nice so far. Other than a pure trail rig, I'll not go with non-selectable in the rear on anything in future. My new ox unlocked is night and day better than my detroit was. Currie would be really good option as well. It wasn't...
  5. CherokeeKid

    SOLD Dana 35

    Drum brake equipped rear Dana 35 with 30 spline motive chrome moly axles, detroit locker, 4:56 gears. Tubes welded to center section. The locker works but randomly unlocks when driving straight, nothing in it is damaged, couldn't figure it out so I replaced it. This should fit Jeep TJ from...
  6. CherokeeKid

    Trail Mater crawling competition

    I stopped in to Moab Motorsports last year after another local Moab shop recommended him for troubleshooting my detroit locker issue. Rory was super helpful and knows his stuff. Then recently I stumbled upon his videos and am now hooked. I remember looking at trailmater and thinking it had seen...
  7. CherokeeKid

    $3200 for a re-gear?

    I spent about $800 more than OP's quote for a regear this past weekend but it included some extras.
  8. CherokeeKid

    4.56 to 5.13 gearing question

    X2. Gear split is around 3.54/3.73 and numerically lower depending on whether dana 30 or 44
  9. CherokeeKid

    Need help with oil leak

    I'd suspect a connecting rod is what put the hole in the oil pan
  10. CherokeeKid

    35s with 4.56 gears

    I ran 2.73's with 33's in a T5 equipped CJ7 for years; now that was awful. Since you're in the ballpark with 4.56's, I'd say try 35's, if you can tolerate it great. If not, re-gear or go back to 33's for next set.
  11. CherokeeKid

    I'm about ready to lose my mind with this oil leak

    for the drip around the bellhousing/pan, about 4 cans of brake cleaner and a month or so and mine finally stopped dripping. could just be remaining oil from previous RMS leak.
  12. CherokeeKid

    Rain proof seats for 2003 Wrangler

    I like my IGGEEs.
  13. CherokeeKid

    Bad luck to rename jeep?

    Bad luck indeed. Shortly after renaming my Jeep "Hillary Won" I noticed it randomly developing scratches all over it wherever I parked it.
  14. CherokeeKid

    Someone hit my LJ today

    Every time I've paid for body repair out-of-pocket, it hasn't shown up on carfax or the like. Not going to pretend I know why but assume it has to do with not going through insurance. Some states may require reporting regardless of who pays for it? A good body shop is all you need for spot on...
  15. CherokeeKid

    Where's my motorheads at?

    Probably not too helpful but I've had folks tell me there's no way to bend a cast camshaft; they say they only break. I've seen cast & ADI cams bend and not break in small block Chevys. I'll see if can find photos.
  16. CherokeeKid

    This is tempting

    $7,975 or thereabouts
  17. CherokeeKid

    Wrecked my Jeep and seeking advice

    An attorney gave me the attached. I'm sure some of the the information is different since each state has different laws but may give you some guidance.
  18. CherokeeKid

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Today I was able to verify my new front brake lines are long enough and enjoy not being at work.
  19. CherokeeKid

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    I like your attitude Zorba. You're a glass half full kind of person. I only see shit, you see a custom map lite 😁.
  20. CherokeeKid

    The unfortunate TJ of the day thread

    I thought there was a law against desecrating Old Glory?