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  1. Blondie70

    TJ decisions

    You gonna run adapters ?
  2. Blondie70

    Cute little ride

  3. Blondie70

    No bus message and gauges don't work

    My 4 cyl was doing the same thing. I replaced the ignition switch (the actual switch on the left side of the column). Not a hard thing to do. Good Luck
  4. Blondie70

    What's going on with my lugnuts?

    Can't see how blue loctite would hurt anything and would probably work ok.
  5. Blondie70

    Gauges work intermittently

    Only thing I remember is that when key on...gauges would not respond, but I could start it. Shortly the gauges would come up and be ok. Got to thinking maybe I changed out the switch (not the key part) the switch on other side of column. Really easy to do..just pull off some...
  6. Blondie70

    Gauges work intermittently

    My gauges were acting up kinda like that. I changed the ignition switch and it fixed them up. Good Luck
  7. Blondie70

    I'm back y'all (my new Southern accent)

    Country living at it's best ! Great choice of state and home/land.
  8. Blondie70

    Exhaust manifold to downpipe bolts

    I think the locktite will melt at those temps.
  9. Blondie70

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    How do you lock them when inside ? As if a woolybooger is coming for you at a red light and you need time to get your 9 into the ready ?
  10. Blondie70

    OEM Radio

    5 Somewhere.....I sent you a PM.............thanks
  11. Blondie70

    Illinois 98 Sport 5-speed part out

    Looks good. In working order I hope ?? What do you want for it ? Thank you Pete
  12. Blondie70

    Texas Stock parts

    Would you have a stock radio (plain) and a Rt hand sunvisor ? Thanks
  13. Blondie70

    Illinois 98 Sport 5-speed part out

    Can't remember if we talked already...but I am looking for a plain stock radio ?? Thanks, Pete
  14. Blondie70

    OEM Radio

    Thanks for the responses guys. The '04 won't work but thanks very much inkedrose. It's 5 somewhere...lemme know if you can find it and what you want for it. Thank you much Blondie70 aka Pete ps: and if it works...ha ha
  15. Blondie70

    Illinois Parting out 98 5-speed TJ

    I'm looking for a stock radio. Thanks
  16. Blondie70

    OEM Radio

    I am looking for an OEM radio for my 2000 Wrangler. Thanks, Pete
  17. Blondie70

    Natural gas plumbing

    Might be a good idea to go to a plumbing place and talk to them about it. I bet they have solved problems such as this many times. Safety is a main concern here. Good luck with it.
  18. Blondie70

    Question: gauges go dead while driving!

    Mine does this sometimes from startup....I can quickly turn the key off and back on while running...this gets the gauges to come up. I think it's a bad ignition switch.
  19. Blondie70

    TJ brake issue

    I'd jack up one wheel at a time and investigate. Spin 'em and see. If the pads and rotors look good, why replace ? (or drums and shoes, as the case may be) Good Luck
  20. Blondie70

    Are where your Jeeps tires manufactured important to you?

    I always try to buy American made....keep jobs for us here.