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  1. tworley

    Tworley build

    CO certainly has its perks. My wife and I dont plan on leaving anytime soon unless its south or west.
  2. tworley

    Colorado April Phoolz 4/1/23

    Shaping up to be a good day! Drove thru last week and I only saw snow in the shaded areas.
  3. tworley

    What did you do to your other vehicle today?

    Simple oil change on the KL. Even with a stahlbus valve I managed to spill some on concrete when I moved the pan to underneath the oil filter🤦‍♂️
  4. tworley

    Is it Currie?

    The clamps, drag link, adjusting sleeves and tie rod are all pretty good giveaways that you have a currie steering setup (y)
  5. tworley

    Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

    As long as you're done by Saturday...
  6. tworley

    Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

    Have you got the backer plate in place?
  7. tworley

    Rocky Mountain Billy Goat Build

    Well, lets see the finished product
  8. tworley

    Tworley build

    If I really slam into gear I can hit the locker button. I am just mindful when I drive. If I drop it off for tire rotations/balance, I will roll up a receipt and wedge it within the rocker throw space.
  9. tworley

    Tworley build

    HOAs do have their place, I like my neighborhood free of run-down camper trailers.
  10. tworley

    Build a HP30, LP44 or Currie 44?

    Hp30s are cheap and plentiful. If 5.13s are your gear choice, then that is the route I would go.
  11. tworley

    Rear Inner Fender Removal

    Mine only had two in front of the wheel wheel
  12. tworley

    Tworley build

    Already planning camping trips! It'll be nice to be off the ground and out of the wind. This will be tricky to work on. 99% sure it wont fit in our garage unless i pull the wheels. Can't work on it outside do to being in an HOA. If I can get it in the garage, I'd like to at least pull the...
  13. tworley

    Tworley build

    The latest project, a 1963 Santa Fe Cub. We're picking this up in a couple of weeks from the in laws. I don't know much about it other than the roof sags from snow, some inside water damage that I can see (worried about what I cant see) and the roof vent is full of gunk and wont open. It also...
  14. tworley

    Utah Official TJ Fest 2023 Thread

    Summer months are tough for me though with work but Ill keep that in mind!
  15. tworley

    Utah Official TJ Fest 2023 Thread

    I wont make it this year. Too little time to prep, to many other things to do.
  16. tworley

    Share your favorite watch

    I used to wear watches when I was a teenager, I broke many of them just doing day-to-day activities; it would always catch a corner, or snag on something. The glass lenses were beat to hell and I usually broke the wrist band so I stopped wearing them. A few weeks ago my MIL gave me a galaxy...
  17. tworley

    Let's talk towing

    My TJ is what I would consider light with no fenders, aluminum armor, no rear seat, no hardtop (only use a bikini top), chopped stock front bumper, and a lighter steel rear bumper and I am at 4,040 lbs.
  18. tworley

    Portland thieves jacked my truck

    There are a lot of reports here of that generation F250/350 being stolen too. Its insane. A family a block down from me had someone attempt to steal theirs, I noticed the punched lock and knocked on their door to tell them. Apparently their truck had been stolen before but they always pull the...
  19. tworley

    Potential trail closures at Sand Hollow

    I skimmed it quickly as I was shutting down my computer at work. I should probably read it a bit closer too.
  20. tworley

    Potential trail closures at Sand Hollow

    I'm not familiar with the tortoise so honestly can't comment. I deal with this every now and then for the prebles meadow jumping mouse and development projects on the front range of Colorado.