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  1. BC Moto

    How are you flying your flag?

    Its sad in Ca most people who have a flag get their car vandalized. It hasnt happened to me yet "knock on wood"
  2. BC Moto

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    Here is my single ARB in the area you are questioning. I run the single as I only need it for my rear locker the front is a e-locker for now. I use my SB compressor for airing up i transfer it between vehicles
  3. BC Moto

    2001 4.0 Manual Transmission Sounds

    Something is wrong with the clutch, I would get in there and inspect it. Throwout bearing may be on the way out.
  4. BC Moto

    What other parts do I need with a Currie 4 inch lift?

    Im still on my front stock driveshaft and its been ok so far
  5. BC Moto

    What are good LED headlights for my TJ?

    Ive been running the cheap amazon light for 2 years now and its been working great. Much better light output and havent had any issues as of yet
  6. BC Moto

    Fishing Build

    Yea for me its saltwater, I carry 2 12FT poles, fishing cart, bucket, bait cooler and gear bag, chair plus bag for food and snacks at min. Sometimes I bring a weather pod bbq grill and small folding table.
  7. BC Moto

    Fishing Build

    When I take my TJ fishing I can barely fit my gear in the thing and forget about picking up a buddy to go with me
  8. BC Moto

    Problem with local shop

    I just looked at the yelp and i was suprised when this... "Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more."
  9. BC Moto

    Let's talk towing

    Ive got a 2018 silverado crew cab with the 6.6ft bed and with the tow package can get over 10k towing capacity. Its roomy inside because of the crew cab great power from the 6.2 V8
  10. BC Moto

    Aftermarket Driveshafts?

    I am using Adams D/S and its been good so far
  11. BC Moto

    Panel light fuse has dead short

    I would check for frayed exposed wires by the headlight, maybe it developed a wear in the insulation and exposed the wire
  12. BC Moto

    Bought a 2001 TJ with emissions deleted

    Sounds like a start to a great trail rig! just go out and drive it. I wish I didnt have to worry about emmisions
  13. BC Moto

    Problem with local shop

    That was alot to read! Glad your jeep is fixed too! For me im childish ide pay a few homeless guys to stay in front and mess with crew and customers.
  14. BC Moto

    Jeep tj 98 lag when accelerating

    Sounds like transmission issues either a bad clutch pack or fluid
  15. BC Moto

    Why no chatter about strokers?

    Yea I have been down the road before so I kinda know what to expect. If worse comes to worse I will make it a trail only car till I move out of state
  16. BC Moto

    Why no chatter about strokers?

    Yea im staying in ca for now and it can be smog legal
  17. BC Moto

    Why no chatter about strokers?

    How far would the battiers get you? How would you charge if you out for a week or so?
  18. BC Moto

    Why no chatter about strokers?

    What about tunning? A LS swap fairly easy. Thats why I want to LS swap
  19. BC Moto

    Why no chatter about strokers?

    I have wondered myself about this, Also what would be easier? 5.3 6.0 6.2 LS motors or a stroker?
  20. BC Moto

    5.13 or 4.88 gears

    Yeah once I got that far I would want 37's or bigger