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  1. suicideking

    Teens Attempt to Carjack Man, But Can't Drive Manual Transmission

    The 16 and 17yo better show me a gun or some kind of weapon (or be bigger than me) or there's going to be a fight. That's funny, I'd have a hard time holding back my laughter watching them run away.
  2. suicideking

    Any aren't the hardtop nuts wing nuts or thumb screws?

    I'd like to add something like these because I have a soft top so don't even use those holes. What sizes are they?
  3. suicideking

    Thoughts about removing the roll bar pads?

    I have the philosophy that you're better safe than sorry. Though I'm a klutz and should probably be wearing a helmet most of the day haha. I have never thought of removing the padding in mine. I'm sure I'd hit my head on the bar the first day. Though now that I've come to terms that, even...
  4. suicideking

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    Agree with Jerry: I'd get a small compressor just for the lockers. That's what I have now. Figure the compressor for the lockers is going to be cycling on and off while you have your lockers on. They don't need much air to stay locked. With the price of the dual and how large it is, I wouldn't...
  5. suicideking

    Let's talk about door hinges

    I did a set of half doors over a year ago. I got a couple hinges from Davey's and got the reset on Ebay. All had to be re-painted to match. There are a few companies that make color matched rattle cans. I had good results from those, but would only paint the hinges. I wouldn't do the whole door...
  6. suicideking

    What color are these half doors?

    Yup, Khaki like on my 04.
  7. suicideking

    Wheeling Playlist

    Mine has bluetooth too, which I use for DD. I just leave the flash drive connected so I don't have to use my battery when wheeling. Plus I have a different wheeling mix on the USB. So nice to change up the playlist, even just slightly. Some country on the wheeling drive that I wouldn't likely...
  8. suicideking

    New Fox Body Mustang (yes or no)

    My first car was a 1981 Mustang. Unfortunately, it was the 4 banger engine and was absolutely gutless. I remember a steep grade on the freeway close to where I lived: If I didn't get a good speed before the incline, I had to pull all the way to the right because I couldn't even keep it up to...
  9. suicideking

    Wheeling Playlist

    I have and Alpine radio that can use a USB drive. I have around 900 songs on there and just have it on shuffle. Songs range from 80's - current rock, metal, and alternative. My favorite is Oingo Boingo, so there's a lot of those songs on there.
  10. suicideking

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    Finally fixed it!
  11. suicideking

    33s With GenRight Highline Fenders on Stock Suspension

    Maybe I could keep it stock height with a lot of cutting? ;) Honestly, more of a thing I would like, but probably won't actually happen. I really don't NEED two project Jeeps...
  12. suicideking

    33s With GenRight Highline Fenders on Stock Suspension

    So what would the minimum lift be for 33's and flat fenders? 2-4"?
  13. suicideking

    33s With GenRight Highline Fenders on Stock Suspension

    Stock height, 33's and hi lines would be a weird look. I would think you could do 33's pretty easily with flat fenders that aren't hi lines. Might need to keep the puck lift. Or just be patient and wait. I know that's not so easy haha. I'd love to put 33's on my stock DD TJ, but not going to...
  14. suicideking

    Can't tell if TJ is lifted or not (bought used)

    Also the tire size would be a good indication if it's lifted. If they're 31" or less, probably not lifted. A pic would help though.
  15. suicideking

    Let's talk towing

    We bought a Ford Expedition that has the tow package. So it came with the tow brake built in and has towing options with the transmission. It's a 3.5 V6 with Eco Boost (twin turbo). They call it Eco boost so you're wife won't know it's a turbo... ;) IIRC, the tow capacity is 9-10,000. It had...
  16. suicideking

    Warn Prices

    Not a coincidence that this is also a list of brands that I won't buy. Poison Spider was added to that list before being purchased by trans America. Once they were bought, I added them to that list a second time just to be sure.
  17. suicideking

    Warn Prices

    When your nickname is Shittybilt and not many can really argue, then it's the beginning of the end.
  18. suicideking

    KOH morons

    Darwin award right there. He's lucky to be alive. Probably would argue that he did nothing wrong. Guy in the Jeep might have made it up that ledge if he just used that guy for traction. BRO! MOVE A LITTLE TO THE RIGHT!
  19. suicideking

    A deep dive into a better ride

    I would think a C rated tire would be better. Why did you go with E rated? Yikes!