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  1. Plumber1

    TJs (and friends) in action pics

    A few of my TJ and YJ
  2. Plumber1

    Tweezer's 2004 LJ

    Did you have any clearance with the bumper and the Swayloc ?
  3. Plumber1

    Wrapped 2004 Wrangler LJ: purchase or stay away?

    161k miles seams high, and those bumpers, wheels, and wrap I would keep looking.
  4. Plumber1

    Help with Swayloc

    @ LJ If you look at your picture above it appears that this plate is mounted more to the left where as @ DaveC below looks to be mounted more to the right
  5. Plumber1

    Help with Swayloc

    In your third picture yours look like mine which others are saying is not correct.
  6. Plumber1

    Help with Swayloc

    Removed my A/R and started installing a new Swayloc. I have a couple of questions for those in the know. On the passenger side it is not clear in the instructions which way the inner bar is be installed. Should it be installed as I have it in my picture or should it be flipped over to get the...
  7. Plumber1

    Thoughts on raptor lining interior floor

    Thanks for the reply 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Plumber1

    Rubicon Express 3.5" lift kit for $800, talk me out of it

    You stated " lightly used " I guessing you have seen these parts ? Did you ask them why they are removing the kit ? Are they upgrading ?
  9. Plumber1

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

  10. Plumber1

    SwayLOC vs AntiRock

    Here are a couple of mine, what do you think about clearance issues ? Thanks for any help you can give
  11. Plumber1

    How about them apples?

    Wow you married above your pay-grade 🤣 She's a keeper. Congrats
  12. Plumber1

    Diesel vs Bio-Diesel

    When you stated contact the Mfg, that's where my information came from, the owners manual. So I'm thinking that if I contact GM they will most likely give me the same answer
  13. Plumber1

    The cost of weight savings (highline fenders)

    Jeep another word for " Rabbit hole " 🤣
  14. Plumber1

    The cost of weight savings (highline fenders)

    Yea and then you will think 🤔 Maybe I should do corner armor while I am add it 😳 and now more added weight Ask me how I know 🤣
  15. Plumber1

    The cost of weight savings (highline fenders)

    Yes I did send them back, the weight difference was huge And since the OP is running a 4 banger no way would I go with steel. Also just know once the front fenders are done the back will start looking bad and before you know it you will be done the rears, and that means More added weight if...
  16. Plumber1

    Savvy sliders + Genright corner armor?

    It can be done I had Posion Spyder binders installed before I decided to install Genright alum corners. Had to make a small filler piece but once done you can't tell.
  17. Plumber1

    Where do you mount your communications radios?

    I used this plug
  18. Plumber1

    Diesel vs Bio-Diesel

    So I just bought a new Escalade with a Diesel engine, loving it so far. The milage went from around 17 in my 2015 GMC Denali up to 27 in my new Diesel. My question is Bio-Diesel, The owners manual says I can run blends up to 20%. But I am seeing Diesel #2 and then Bio-Diesel that say contains...
  19. Plumber1

    Best Bikini / Safari Top?

    I have the clamp on style that connects to the same location as the hard top and have never had any issues with it and have been using it for several years
  20. Plumber1

    Air Compressor Advice

    This is where I mounted mine, and its never been hit yet. :ROFLMAO: