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  1. EWatauga

    Will a body lift in a stock TJ give me enough room to fit 32s?

    A 2" spring spacer (Budget Boost) is about the same price as a body lift and will clear a 32 fine. It will look better and be more functional than a body lift, in my opinion.
  2. EWatauga

    How much is a Load Range C tire worth?

    I have JK 17” wheels from the PO with load range E Cooper AT tires. I put on a OME lift with the OME sport shocks which are stiff. I would love to go to a load range C tire, but buying new wheels is not an appealing option. I have found there is a Falken Wildpeak MT in load range C (285/70,R17)...
  3. EWatauga

    Should I stick with the 17" JK Wheels?

    The PO had installed a 2" spacer lift and factory JK 17" Moab wheels with 32" tires. I replaced the spacers with a OME hybrid lift (roughly 3" in the front with 1/2" spacer and 2.5" rear), and also have a 1.25" body and MML I am going to install when I get ready to move to 33's. So my...
  4. EWatauga

    Track bar install help

    A) When i recently installed an new from trac-bar i installed the Frame side first, then adjusted and bolted in the axle side. B) I would recommend using a ratchet strap from a frame hole to the axle (I wrapped the strap around the C looking part of the end of the axle (sorry, don't know what...
  5. EWatauga

    Keeping Extended Front Brake lines out of the way

    I ordered mine as part of a DPG Offroad hybrid kit back in late February, the brake lines arrived within a week, I imagine that at the time DGP had them in stock since the arrived with the DPG bumpstops. The other equipment took a while, but within the lead time quoted.
  6. EWatauga

    Keeping Extended Front Brake lines out of the way

    After recently installing a 3" lift and new Crown extended brake lines. The front tires contact the brake lines on flat ground at full lock, I imagine that when compressed and at lock it will be worse (the previous TJ I had with a 3.5" lift and extended stainless brake lines did the same thing)...
  7. EWatauga

    What gears do I want?

    I live in the Mills River area, JZM Auto and Tire in Etowah does a lot of work on Jeeps including regearing. I have not personally used them for anything other than patching a tire so i cannot speak to the quality of work they do, but they might be an option.
  8. EWatauga

    Jeep choking down during acceleration

    My 05 was doing a similar thing, replaced the spark plugs and that fixed the issue, however mine had the original plugs at 140k miles.
  9. EWatauga

    Fuel Pump or CPS Issue?

    I ordered a Bosch fuel pump, the PO replaced it not long ago but I image he put in a cheap one. Hopefully this works. I sprayed some starter fluid in it and it started and ran for a second, so pretty confident its not a spark issue.
  10. EWatauga

    Fuel Pump or CPS Issue?

    Thanks, that makes sense.
  11. EWatauga

    Fuel Pump or CPS Issue?

    After working on upgrading some suspension components all last week I took the TJ (2005 X model with 6M 143k miles) for a test drive yesterday and everything was great. Tried to start it a couple hours later and it turns over freely but doesn't start, there is no sputtering or anything...
  12. EWatauga

    Check out my new half doors

    The PO had these half doors, clashes just a little bit... Nothing a little paint can't fix...
  13. EWatauga

    How does a Currie Antirock sway bar improve off road performance?

    In relation to the beginning of this thread where it talked about actual downforce of an axle when it is disconnected and articulated such that the spring is unhinged vs a Antirock at its maximum level of articulation. Wouldn't the Antirock as it approaches its limits be actively reducing the...
  14. EWatauga

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Ordered a DPG OME Hybrid Ultimate lift with the long travel option.
  15. EWatauga

    Seat reupholstery or replacement options

    Thanks for the reply, I actually looked through this thread a week or so ago. My issue is that both front and rear seats need attention. But these look pretty great!
  16. EWatauga

    Seat reupholstery or replacement options

    Thanks for the reply, this is helpful, and also gives me a good idea of what to expect price wise. I think I am going to cancel my seat cover order and reach out to some upholstery shops.
  17. EWatauga

    Seat reupholstery or replacement options

    First, as a new member to this forum I want to say thanks for having me! I have recently acquired my second TJ, the first was a 97 TJ SE which was my first car...21 years ago, that I had for about 3 years. The amount information and products available then vs. now is quite incredible, however...