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  1. Jeepnmon

    SOLD New Mopar OEM Shift Knob for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ, 97-01 Cherokee XJ

    Purchased this new Mopar OEM shift knob for my 97-06 Wrangler TJ and never installed it. $10.00 + shipping.
  2. Jeepnmon

    SOLD New Vision-X Polycarbonate Light Covers for 4.7" CG2 Light Cannon Driving Lights

    I purchased these two years ago for the CG2 light cannons I installed on my 97 TJ. Never used them and they are now just taking up space. Asking $10.00 + shipping.
  3. Jeepnmon

    SOLD Jeep Wrangler TJ OEM Body Wiring Protector Cover ('97-'06)

    I bought this new in 1998 as a replacement for the one in my 1997 TJ. In very good condition with a few light scuff marks. Sold the TJ so no longer need. $15.00 + shipping. Local pick up also an option.
  4. Jeepnmon

    SOLD Quadratec LED Tail Lights for 1991-1997 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ

    Yes. According to the packaging they fit 91-97 (noted on the labels). When I bought them they were listed on Quadratec's website for '97 TJ but interestingly enough the boxes say from 91-97.
  5. Jeepnmon

    SOLD 33" "Topless Life" Spare Tire Cover

    Purchased this for my TJ and used it for about a month before removing it and letting my spare go au naturale. Had it on a 33 x 12.5 Good Year MTR. Asking $20 Thanks for looking!
  6. Jeepnmon

    SOLD Quadratec LED Tail Lights for 1991-1997 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ

    Other than a tire cover, that's it!
  7. Jeepnmon

    Ohio New - VisionX 4.7" CG2/Light Cannon PCV Covers - 2 Pair (Blue and Amber)

    I have for sale two sets of new and unused blue (snow conditions) and amber (fog conditions) colored PCV lenses (Euro Beak Pattern) that I bought for the VisionX 4.7" CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannons I installed on my TJ. No longer need because I sold my TJ. These lenses change the beam pattern and...
  8. Jeepnmon

    SOLD Quadratec LED Tail Lights for 1991-1997 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ

    I have a set of LED tail lights from Quadratec for sale that I purchased to use on my TJ. However, when I went to install them they could not be used along with the tail light guards I was using with the stock tail light housings. I have since sold my TJ and no longer need these lights. The LED...
  9. Jeepnmon

    SOLD New - MasterTop Replacement Upper Door Skins (Master Twill) for Wrangler TJ

    Still have these brand new never used MasterTop Upper Half Door Skins for sale. They match very nicely with the Bestop Twill NX Soft top.
  10. Jeepnmon

    SOLD 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport (TJ) Flame Red, 4.0L Manual, 66485 miles, Original Owner

    Weekly bump and still available! Added more undercarriage pictures. I understand that there may be concerns about the frame and the rust that is showing, however, I have had it professionally evaluated and can confirm that the frame is solid. It truly is in overall excellent condition and I...
  11. Jeepnmon

    SOLD 3 Piece Cargo Netting Set for Jeep Wrangler ('87-'19)

    I purchased this set a year ago and used it for about a week on my TJ. I'm selling my TJ and so I no longer need it. The set is in like new condition and worked well for the short time I used it. It's made of nylon and covers the rear side windows and the back window. Asking $50. Thanks! Here...