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  1. Clocktower07

    Maine Ravine Wheels and Americus Tires (30x9.5x15) - Maine

    For sale: one set of five take-off wheels and tires from a Jeep TJ. See below for more info: WHEEL INFO: -OEM Ravine Wheels -15 x 8” -5 x 4.5” (114.3mm) bolt pattern -The condition of the wheels is fair - there are some rock rubs, marring, and corrosion (see pics). They still hold air without...
  2. Clocktower07

    New Member in Maine

    Greetings from Bangor! Like Wigsajumper said, you'll probably have the best luck importing from the South/Southwest. The nasty salt brine/magnesium chloride mixture the Maine DOT uses is horrible for vehicles, so many of the good TJs in Maine are imports anyway. If you have enough time or...
  3. Clocktower07

    What was your first Jeep?

    2005 LJ that I sold years ago due to computer issues (as I recall, this was pre-Wranglerfix). Wheeler Ridge Trail, CA. White Rim Road, UT. Gold Mountain Trail, CA.
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    Power Distribution Systems

    You can run an inline meter for a day or two to better estimate your fridge's consumption. I have a "Watt's Up" meter (unfortunately not sold anymore) that monitors all sorts of stats including amps, amp-hours, and peak amps. Loads will vary depending on your fridge's cooling mode, whether or...
  5. Clocktower07

    Build to compete with the new Bronco

    Clearly, since it defeated a "very seasoned 4wd guy"! In all fairness, skinny pedal can get expensive no matter what you're driving.
  6. Clocktower07

    Build to compete with the new Bronco

    To "compete" with a new bronco, you could probably just keep your TJ stock. Sooner or later the bronco's hardtop will delaminate or an axle will snap...
  7. Clocktower07

    How to Balance Things (Skid Plates) on a Jack

    Another vote for a transmission jack. I purchased this one from harbor freight years ago - it definitely does more than just transmissions!
  8. Clocktower07

    RapidAir K3015 Automatic Tire Inflator/Deflator Review

    7 AAs! Are there any other power options (like plugging into a wall outlet), or do you need to haul around a bandolier of batteries?
  9. Clocktower07

    Brake Calipers Rubbing Wheels (Advice Needed)

    Hey all, I wanted to close out this thread in case someone stumbles upon it in the future. I broke out the angle grinder and started removing metal from the calipers and periodically test-fitting. I kept going until I had about 3mm of clearance where the calipers were previously rubbing. The...
  10. Clocktower07

    Could this be a backspacing issue?

    If the PO went to larger brakes when running the 17" wheels, moving to 15x8 with 3.75 backspacing may not do the trick. You probably won't know what's going on until you take a closer look on Friday.
  11. Clocktower07

    Could this be a backspacing issue?

    Could be something similar to what I experienced recently: Have you pulled the rear wheels yet?
  12. Clocktower07

    Brake Calipers Rubbing Wheels (Advice Needed)

    I just heard back from Powerstop; they refuse to do anything about the issue. If low-profile replacements were easier to source, I'd be 100% willing to bite the bullet for the right parts. However, if most replacements will produce similar issues due to ribbed castings, can I safely grind the...
  13. Clocktower07

    Brake Calipers Rubbing Wheels (Advice Needed)

    Thanks Blaine - I had no idea there were so many look-alikes! I reached out to both Amazon and Powerstop. Amazon refunded immediately and Powerstop is considering their options. I'll post an update with a final resolution, if any.
  14. Clocktower07

    Brake Calipers Rubbing Wheels (Advice Needed)

    My dad (retired diesel mechanic) suggested this option as well. He solves most things in life with a grinder though...:LOL:
  15. Clocktower07

    Brake Calipers Rubbing Wheels (Advice Needed)

    Greetings from Maine, Today the weather was finally nice enough for the LJ to come out of hibernation. I’ve been working on the rig all winter, and among other things, I changed out the wheels, tires, and brakes. Everything was fine until I started the Black Magic break-in procedure. I've...
  16. Clocktower07

    Bedliner inside the tub

    I did Herculiner on my first LJ. You can reapply the product at any time, which is great since it peels in high-use areas after a year or two. Overall, I was not impressed with the durability or the hassle involved with application. I had a local shop spay LineX in my current rig. It is...
  17. Clocktower07

    SOLD *SOLD* - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) - 61k

    Thanks! Now searching for a manual LJ in Maine! If anyone has a clean rig, feel free to PM your contact info (I don't think I have enough posts to PM back yet).
  18. Clocktower07

    SOLD *SOLD* - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) - 61k

    *SOLD* I tried to like the 42RLE, but I think I'd be much happier with a here we are in the "for sale" section! This jeep spent most of its life in the deserts of California/Arizona and the body and frame are in great shape. There are a few spots of patina on the skid plates...
  19. Clocktower07

    Is there a way to make the 42RLE overdrive switch off by default?

    BLUF: What about using the PAC TR-7 module commonly used to activate ECT Mode in Tacomas? In addition to an LJ, I have an auto 3rd Gen Tacoma. The stock shift points aren't great on the truck, but you can fix this problem by hitting the "ECT Mode" button, which is sort of like enabling sport...
  20. Clocktower07

    DuncLJ's Big Bolt-On Bonanza

    Much appreciated!