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  1. Nightmare9

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJR

    2 photos :cautious:
  2. Nightmare9

    Did Bestop change out that stupid logo?

    I just saw this AD from Bestop on FB. Did they get rid of that stupid logo on the back of the soft tops?
  3. Nightmare9

    Mopar thermostat alignment for weep hole

    LOL. Here let me post that: "Straight up." I found a photo of mine. I recall drilling the hole, I have a photo of the thermostat without a hole.
  4. Nightmare9

    2007 Host 270 Motorhome $88,900 Olympia, WA

    This is what happens if you try to use a Dodge :ROFLMAO:
  5. Nightmare9

    2007 Host 270 Motorhome $88,900 Olympia, WA

    If you are going to spend $200k on a Ford, you might as well spend $650k and go balls out. Chevy on the left, Ford on the right
  6. Nightmare9

    California SoCal MiniFest 2023

    Following. The area in that map is HUGE. You can spend several days just around Truck Haven / Ocotillo Wells. I still want to run Pinyon Mountain area to get that badge
  7. Nightmare9

    Jeep Unveils 5 New Concept Vehicles for East Jeep Safari 2023

    The whole Conecpt thing is SO STUPID. Every once in a while they come up with something awesome. Then they never build it. 18 year later, you think they cant sell 25k of these:
  8. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    If anyone is looking. The Odyssey I got was $326 from Offroad Warehouse. They even have $15 off first purchase. I didn't get to use the $15 off, but they had the battery next day.
  9. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery
  10. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    Thanks, those are the KC Lights. I didn't get everything exactly right when I reconnected. Originally I had the negative wires running across the top of the battery, probably a bad idea. I might get one of those battery terminals with the extra connection points for accessories.
  11. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    I doubt the factory tray fits with the fender mods. This one is fine, I just need to make a strap to hold the battery in place.
  12. Nightmare9

    Lite Brite LJ build series

    I watch a bit. I'd be pissed if they left my new axels out in the rain and I had to remove rust off all the exposed metal.
  13. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    PO used just about every accessory Nemesis makes. This Jeep was supposted to be a display at Easter Jeep Safari in 2020. The tray and lid fit the Optima perfectly. I asked them if they have a different lid, but they don't. They admit that the Optima Batteries are junk now. But TJ is...
  14. Nightmare9

    How can you tell if a clutch is fried?

    Ok, it's been a week since I returned the car and they haven't charged me anything yet... :cool: We drove the car for a week and put over 700 miles onto it. The smell went away after a couple of days. I do feel a little bad, I didn't realize at the time, but the car was literally brand new...
  15. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    Well that was a fun read. I was out of town for a week (burning up the clutch in the rental car :ROFLMAO:). I got the replacement battery ordered. Its almost the same size. It fits into the tray, but I'll need to come up with a new way to strap it down. The battery does touch the AC lines...
  16. Nightmare9

    Wall mount garage ideas for storing doors, backseats, door surrounds, etc

    I got this nice bracket for the doors. I want to get something to hang the soft top above them.
  17. Nightmare9

    How can you tell if a clutch is fried?

    We are in Scotland. They charge extra for the automatic cars. In England all the cheap cars were also stick. I drove a stick for about 22 years, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. It was some combination of jet lag, being tired, a Right Drive vehicle and adjusting to the wrong side of the...
  18. Nightmare9

    How can you tell if a clutch is fried?

    Say you are driving a rental car and after a minimal number of miles of city driving (8-10) the clutch is smoking. Is that enough to kill it. Or will it be ok if no further abuse? Asking for a friend, because I totally wasn’t starting the rental in 3rd gear by mistake.
  19. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    Well this is very disappointing. This is the first "Good" Battery I ever owned. Turns out to be about average POS. I hope the Renergy LiFePo I put in the RV works better. That thing was $500 on sale at a clearance store :oops:
  20. Nightmare9

    Dead Optima Battery

    Its hard to see in that photo, but with the fender mods, the battery is pushed up against the firewall and literally under the (AC?) lines. Its a TIGHT fit.