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  1. Kenneth G Zinis

    Doors off and dome light

    Nice winter/spring contrast. Yes, love 1/2 doors, keeps most flying mud out too, lol
  2. Kenneth G Zinis

    Doors off and dome light

    Good callout. I've found my clips are so thin, doors can even close while installed.
  3. Kenneth G Zinis

    Doors off and dome light

    I made these clips out of stainless that cover door switches when I have doors off. It allows me still use the light switch on stalk to control interior lights.
  4. Kenneth G Zinis

    How to align your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    JMT, why have engine running for this step?
  5. Kenneth G Zinis

    Airing down tips

    33x12.5x15s on 8" rims, load Range C. I'm very comfortable at 10, been as low as 8 at times in other trucks. It's good not too tax sidewalls on rocks too hard if you're not comfortable. I never lost a bead.
  6. Kenneth G Zinis

    Track bar hits gas tank

    Hopper, I have 4" lift on Rubi and with this JKS bracket and rear TB (RC) still hits skid plate. Like JMT said looks like Currie will give you room. I bent plate edge slightly but still rubs a little bit. My solution will likely be cut a little bit off top corner of skid plate.
  7. Kenneth G Zinis

    Has anyone replaced seat foam?

    Check out Youtube vids on how to repair foam, this might be a good solution if your repair area is not too large.
  8. Kenneth G Zinis

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Glad you're OK. What happened/cause?
  9. Kenneth G Zinis

    Catalytic converter theft

    Wicked. Very clean cuts
  10. Kenneth G Zinis

    Tight hinges

    Thanks Tahdig
  11. Kenneth G Zinis

    Tight hinges

    Good point Longjp2
  12. Kenneth G Zinis

    Tight hinges

    Thanks TLT1964
  13. Kenneth G Zinis

    Seatbelt saved my life!

    Happy you're OK, great news. Buy bag the totalled rig for spares or part out
  14. Kenneth G Zinis

    Tight hinges

    Thanks Andy
  15. Kenneth G Zinis

    Tight hinges

    Picked up '04 tailgate hinges, they look like new, and match my paint, but very stiff. I know they were in sealed, indoor storage for many years. What's the recommended lube? to loosen these up?
  16. Kenneth G Zinis


    TJ04, how did you attach your extension hose, did you remove dust cap and clamp on a hose to the pipe?
  17. Kenneth G Zinis


    Mike H TJ04, do you know if vent is threaded and if so what size? I'd like to extend mine up to firewall
  18. Kenneth G Zinis

    Where's manual transmission/transfer case vent?

    Here's a picture of NV-3550 vent location I just found, someone posted several years back. Too bad they didn't extend it like T-case