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  1. mudhog55

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    Later. Dude: that was fun lets meet again. Her: OK I'll keep an eye out for you.
  2. mudhog55

    Bulldawg MFG Hardtop

    I got one too, and I love the options. It has a sunroof too that you can open or remove. The side windows opening up makes it easy to load/unload groceries, ice chest etc. you can remove the hard windows too if you want.
  3. mudhog55

    Progressive Insurance wants to total my highly modified 97 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    I bought my vehicle back from the insurance company after they totaled it. I done this with 3 different companies. They will sell it cheap because they don't have to mess with it. I put 2 of them back on the road and 1 I parted out and doubled my money.
  4. mudhog55

    Who has the best TJ?

  5. mudhog55

    Kicker CS 5.25s too weak, any car stereo guys here?

    NOAM NUTV5-S V.2 - ATV/Golf Cart/UTV Waterproof Speakers Bluetooth 2.1 Marine Stereo System
  6. mudhog55

    Kicker CS 5.25s too weak, any car stereo guys here?

    I might be crazy but I'm looking at a marine system, the kind that mounts to the boat tower on wake boats AK: roll bar. you can buy a complete system amp, speakers, woofer, and controller, with no head unit but it does radio and blue tooth. I want the ability to rotate the speakers pointed back...
  7. mudhog55

    Mahindra Jeep road trip in India

    I have a Mahindra 4x4 45hp tractor that are common in my area because the USA main distribution center is in this area. I have a brochure about Mahindra and it mentions they built 4x4 driveline componants for the jeep during the war when Jeep could not produce them fast enough. the same with...
  8. mudhog55

    Who makes the most aggressive tire?

    fit test
  9. mudhog55

    New member in Texas

    right now close to where the san bernard river dumps into the gulf. Working in Sweeny refinery.
  10. mudhog55

    New member in Texas

    welcome, beach cruiser here too.
  11. mudhog55

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    See if I did this right. took picture this weekend at the beach
  12. mudhog55

    What was your first Jeep?

    77 J20 with 360 v8, quadra trac. had switch in glove box for vacuum operated lockers. That truck was a beast. Goodyear wrangler mudders that thing would go anywhere. It come up missing when my buddy parked it while hunting in Texas on the border of Mexico.
  13. mudhog55

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Current picture in my home town at a business. Our only grocery store family owned has one too that is only 10c to use. Telephone company is owned by family here too, since 1946.
  14. mudhog55

    Coolest Colors on a TJ

    another intense blue pearl, After looking at 100's of jeeps for sale this color would not get off of my mind so I had to have it.
  15. mudhog55

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Don't remember if posted before Bandera Tx Current picture look in the background
  16. mudhog55

    Impulsive purchase - zero regrets

    absolutely stunning.
  17. mudhog55

    Is my rear differential stock?

    Thanks, I going to adjust them as oldbuzzard suggested. My hand brake gets tight when I pull it but maybe I need to adjust the star wheel first. I can get some pictures later, It is interesting learning all of the configurations the TJs came with.
  18. mudhog55

    Is my rear differential stock?

    Just look up my vin number using sight that Bobohunter posted. It listed my jeep came with Rear M35/194mm w/ 3.07 gear. So previous owner must of switched out to the 44. Now to try to figure out what part numbers I need to replace the pads and shoes. I wonder if the shoes have a part number...
  19. mudhog55

    Is my rear differential stock?

    I pulled the rotor off on one side and the inside (emerg) shoes are pretty thin so I was going to replace them and the disc brake pads all together. I'm guessing my rear axle could be stock then with the 44 and disk brakes. When I read up on it a couple of responses on another forum was only...
  20. mudhog55

    Is my rear differential stock?

    stock differential? 2003 sport. I bought his jeep about a year ago and doing maintenance on it. I replace all of the front brakes, calipers, rotors etc. already. Doing the rear now and mainly find out why the parking (emerg) brake barely holds even though the cable is pulled tight, it holds some...