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  1. 72afr

    72afr's 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Appreciate it Mike! I've followed along on both of your build threads and have been much inspired. Very nice build and one I'd love to one day replicate (at least your first build anyway, HAH).
  2. 72afr

    72afr's 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Hah! Appreciate it. I've submitted a few times, but if you're not on a boulder or out in the mountains, you're pretty far down the list. My barely modified Jeep in my woods just can't compete (rightfully so. there are some pretty epic scenes that come out in ROTM).
  3. 72afr

    72afr's 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Finally got a radiator to last more than 6 months! LOL. Not much happening on the '04 as I've focused my funds on other projects around the house/garage. The BM brakes are great, but they have got to be the dustiest set I've ever had across all of my years. Minor gripe. Anyway, been mostly...
  4. 72afr

    California OEM Lockable Trunk

    Hope you get that for it. I sold one last year for about 160 and had lowballers on that!
  5. 72afr

    SOLD Black half doors with uppers - $1000

    Yeah. I found a set locally from an '03 that had the dark inner panels for mine. Khaki outer, so I had to get them painted as well. All in, I'm at about $1500 to buy them, get them painted, replacement weatherstrip clips and rekeyed. Love em tho.
  6. 72afr

    SOLD Black half doors with uppers - $1000

    Those are nice! GLWS!
  7. 72afr

    BMB (Black Magic Brakes) body lift kit available now!

    When out surveying, we typically use bright pink. Flagging and paint stands out on construction sites and in the woods equally.
  8. 72afr

    2003-2006 42RLE transmission shift interlock fix

    I did the same thing on mine. Used a plastic hanger. I think the diameter of mine was a bit big, so I just shaved down the end of it to fit. That was about 5 years ago, never thought about it again.
  9. 72afr

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

  10. 72afr

    Jeep settles death wobble class action suit with a band-aid

    Yeah, we just got the notification in the mail for our JLUR. I laughed and threw it away.
  11. 72afr

    Any Ideas? GMRS mobile radio mounting locations

    I think this may be what I do as well. Such a clean setup.
  12. 72afr

    Anyone into knives?

    Good to know. The whole knife was stuck on my jacket in the closet tho. Wouldn't have helped me much. :ROFLMAO:
  13. 72afr

    Anyone into knives?

    I've daily'd a Benchmade Griptillian 551 with S30V serrated blade for a few years. Sometime last Aug the clip got caught on my jacket during a chilly spell and I thought I lost it. Looked everywhere for a month. Apparently the 551 with steel serrated blade had been discontinued so I had to turn...
  14. 72afr

    What did you do to your other vehicle today?

    Mine (red) and my dad's (yellow). My first vehicle that we fixed up when I was in highschool. After we got it running again a few summers ago cause I let sit as I was starting adulthood.
  15. 72afr

    Stand-alone GPS This is what I did for our SXS and boat. Cheap tablet with GPS capabilities. Loaded up the Polaris app and was good to go.
  16. 72afr

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    But if you give me weed, whites, and wine...
  17. 72afr

    November 2022 Ride of the Month (ROTM) Contest

    running trails out on our property
  18. 72afr

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Damn, that's a long time for black on black. The coyotes for Mrs 72afr's JLU took about 2 months, but they apparently had the zip wrong. Not why they didn't just reach out tho... I love the ones on my TJ. 100% would recommend. Edit, just saw your location. Maybe not too crazy...
  19. 72afr

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Let's see this CJ!
  20. 72afr

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Picked up a set of replacement Rubi flares for $50 from a guy about an hour away. Need to be cleaned up from sitting in his shop, but the paint is in much better shape than mine.