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  1. glwood

    'Sup, Jeeples?

    I'll see if I can update with some newer photos.
  2. glwood

    Installed soft top, now I need help finding the part I lost

    I did end up giving those away eventually, sorry.
  3. glwood

    How many miles do you get before your low fuel light comes on?

    Sorry, don't come around much, the TJ is 2 years gone. I had OME suspension, Dirtworx bumpers, 265/75-16 tires, automatic transmission. More details in the link below. Mostly stop and go city driving.
  4. glwood

    31" tires with 2-3" lifts?

    Yes. And, as @JMT said, rear also. Great bumpers, good price, made in USA.
  5. glwood

    glwood's 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    No luck. I must have found a taker previously, although I don't find a post regarding it. It's also possible I had to return it to the seller on Ebay...don't recall. Sorry - good luck with your search.
  6. glwood

    glwood's 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    I did a cursory search this morning before heading to work - I found the threaded knob, but not the rod. I will look more extensively tonight. If not there, another option you have is to cut off the last bend of the stock shift lever put threads on the end. Some have done that with success.
  7. glwood

    glwood's 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    @Stubby75 - hard to say. They were scarce when I got mine back in 2018. If you want, I can take a look out in my workshop. I ended up getting 2, as I thought the first one was shaped wrong, but the 2nd one was exactly the same. I modified it a tad to make it work. If I didn't get rid of it in...
  8. glwood

    Axle ratio on 2002 X automatic

    There's actually three TJs selling today. New ad today, the guy has two to sell, $10k for one, $18k for both: And this is the one I was asking about with the auto tranny...
  9. glwood

    Would it be ridiculous to sell a 2016 JKU to buy a TJ?

    Just you, or is there family involved?
  10. glwood

    Axle ratio on 2002 X automatic

    Curiosity. I look at TJ ads from time to time, even though I am not in the market. The ad shows a 2002 X with an automatic transmission, and seems to be in fairly good condition. I think the guy is smoking crack, though, it's listed for $10k. It does have low miles for a 2002, 124.5k, but...
  11. glwood

    Axle ratio on 2002 X automatic

    Are those dependent on the transmission? My previously owned 2003 X had a 42RLE and had 3.73. I don't know anything about earlier automatic TJs, as all the others I had were manuals...
  12. glwood

    Axle ratio on 2002 X automatic

    Got a question for my old buddies at WTJF - would a 2002 X with a 32RH auto tranny have a certain axle ratio, or were there more than one ratio available, depending on other factors besides the transmission? Thanks, Gary
  13. glwood

    California 2006 Jeep Wrangler X with 35k miles

    Hey buddy! I'm doing well, thanks! I poked my head in here a while back just to see the old crowd and what's going on. I still see reactions to a lot of my posts, hopefully folks still get something out of my time on this forum. From what I can see, this is still a great community. How've you...
  14. glwood

    '98 Sahara build: "Staying the Course"

    Here's a visual of what your newly acquired tub might have looked like in its former life:
  15. glwood

    '98 Sahara build: "Staying the Course"

    It's definitely a big decision on the paint issue. Now would be the perfect time to get it exactly the color you want, with nothing in the could apply bedliner to the interior, and just change the color on the exterior & firewall...just a thought.
  16. glwood

    '98 Sahara build: "Staying the Course"

    Hey buddy! I just had to poke my head in here to see the 'progress'...sorry that the rust was more than you thought. It looks like you have a new inspiration to get going again...what's wrong with yellow? :oops:
  17. glwood

    Is a 2.5 manual '97 Jeep Wrangler TJ worth buying?

    Having had a brand-new 1997 2.5 SE 5-spd in 1997, it was fine around town, and for off-roadiing. The problem was having to go on long highway trips to get to the trails. I endured it for 6 months, then sold it and bought a 4.0L Sport. Don't let anyone fool you, though, the 4.0L is no rocket ship...
  18. glwood

    Warning: TJ internet parts scam

    It's worse than you think...when shopping for 4Runner parts, I keep getting "these will not fit your 2004 TJ Rubicon"...
  19. glwood

    Stock suspension replacement

    Considering the '03 X I sold my friend 5 years ago is still going strong with about 180k miles, yours will be around a long time.