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  1. J.Pierce

    The TJ Mirror Company auto dim / temp / compass mirror one month review

    Yes, I got the sensor out of the suburban when I pulled the mirror.
  2. J.Pierce

    The TJ Mirror Company auto dim / temp / compass mirror one month review

    Then throw in one of those 40 mpg oil filters and a guy would be golden! I have a Gentex out of a Suburban I installed and as far as I know the temp has been accurate. I made my own harness, so it's now through the PCM at all.
  3. J.Pierce

    Full cargo mat rear seat removed

    This is what I did. I bought mine at Tractor Supply.
  4. J.Pierce

    Shorten a winch rope, chain sinnet?

    Most of the line was off the drum, but that wasn't a concern it was a light pull. An assortment of winch extensions was probably the right answer. It was a rare situation. If I doubled my extension my main winch line wasn't long enough. I had two pulleys to redirect my ropes and avoid other...
  5. J.Pierce

    Shorten a winch rope, chain sinnet?

    This morning I had to move some blown down trees and I needed to shorten my winch rope extension. I haven't been in a situation where I needed to shorten a rope when winching my Jeep, but I use a couple of winches for other utilitarian not fun purposes too and had the need a couple of times in...
  6. J.Pierce

    Who pays $400 plus for a pocket knife?

    I have paid $400 for a folding knife, but I wouldn't pay $400 for a pocketknife, that's just foolish..........
  7. J.Pierce

    Seized spark plug?

    SeaFoam, sucked in through a vacuum line until the whole damn neighborhood is covered in smoke. Then let it sit, try backing the plug out. You might have to fog the neighborhood a couple times, but it will soften the carbon deposit on the plug eventually. I've never done it on a Jeep, but it's...
  8. J.Pierce

    Hoist / Winch Questions

    Not 110V but I just bought the Mile Marker Rhino 1000 cordless winch to have as a utility winch/hoist old man junk moving aid. The reason I went that route is it has 37' of synthetic cable vs Warn at 15, and it has a remote also. I'm a Warn fan, but the reality both of these are probably made in...
  9. J.Pierce

    Bench grinder wheel suggestions

    The Norton white wheels for HSS, I checked mine and the label is worn off and I'm old enough I can't remember what they are called anymore. But hopefully Norton only makes one white version. That's the best vague answer I got for you...................
  10. J.Pierce

    Pros & cons of each control arm: Savvy vs Metalcloak

    Well, Ok I'll out myself. I have never mentioned the fact that I have MC joints in my Jeep around here before, but I do. There I said it! The reason I went MC, I got double adjustable control arms a little cheaper than Jonny joints., It's flat here and I don't play in the rocks so I don't come...
  11. J.Pierce

    Is Removing Windshield Spreaders for Long Periods Safe?

    I think they just have storm windows on them.
  12. J.Pierce

    Recommended Rotary Tool?

    I have the M18 die grinder too. It's not for tight spaces, but it's handy when I don't want to fire up the compressor in my van and drag out a cord. I've never sat down for a long grinding session with it, so I can't really comment on battery life. But at home or at work I've never had much use...
  13. J.Pierce

    What did you do to / in your garage / shop today?

    Sometimes it's nice to do a project where you just settle into a groove and go. But I'm pretty sure my attention span would be fighting that groove all the way to the end.
  14. J.Pierce

    What did you do to / in your garage / shop today?

    Biggest problem is the cross slide half nut wears and it gets a ton of back lash. The gibs need to be adjusted too. If I would just take the time and make new gibs and a new half nut it would eliminate most of my trouble.
  15. J.Pierce

    What did you do to / in your garage / shop today?

    I tore apart and tuned up my Chinese metal lathe for about the 27th time in the 18 years I've owned it.
  16. J.Pierce

    Replace blower motor while I do the resistor?

    If I was doing a new motor, I'd do a new resistor. But if your motor is good, I just replace the resistor. It's not like you have to tear the whole dash out to change either one of them.
  17. J.Pierce

    Turn heads wherever you go in this $65,000 purple and white TJ!

    If you're going to ask 65 grand for a Jeep, you better get off your lazy ass and write more than 3 sentences to justify an asking price like that. Brag, lie, embellish I don't care, but jesus christ at least put some effort into making it sound plausible. Try and make me believe that you...
  18. J.Pierce

    Rubber hose, split loom, loom, and PVC cutter

    String yes, steel no. Mention of a cutoff wheel made me unsure of which you were thinking of.
  19. J.Pierce

    Rubber hose, split loom, loom, and PVC cutter

    I was eyeing that one up a while back, but I wanted one with a little bigger diameter capacity. Late last week I found a Milwaukee ratcheting one that goes up to 1-5/8" like the PVC pipe cutter style ones, only not shitty. I've only made a couple cuts, but so far so good. I think if 1" covers it...