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  1. Chris

    Question about Zone 4.25 inch lift

    There would be no issue at all with running the 3" suspension lift and not installing the 1.25" body lift. The OME lift kit is good, but I personally wouldn't buy the entire kit. I'd pair the OME springs with Rancho RS5000X shocks, as I prefer the ride of them over the much harsher OME...
  2. Chris

    Funny mainstream media phrases

    I've been hearing the term "thirsty" used a lot lately and seeing it in news (we can't really call it "news" anymore though) headlines. The headline will read something along the lines of "Man leaves thirsty comment on woman's photo". This is the definition of "thirsty" according to Urban...
  3. Chris

    Why does Jeep use Torx?

    Why even hex? Wouldn’t it make things so much less likely to strip out if they were squares instead of hex? I mean 6 sides is a lot closer to a circle than 4.
  4. Chris

    My first Jeep

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the TJ purchase! Where does one start with a Wrangler? Well, it always seems to start with a lift and bigger tires. Of course you have to be very, very careful with that, because the bigger you go, the more expensive it gets to do right, and the more of a...
  5. Chris

    E85 TJ Turbo

    Looks like it's coming together awesome so far. How are you going to handle the radiator fan and cooling with that big intercooler blocking most of it? I'm assuming a big SPAL electric fan or something?
  6. Chris

    2005 LJR R2.8 build

    That's pure eye candy right there!
  7. Chris

    Shocking news (update)

    Nice to know it's riding like it should! Now if you had C load rated tires on there, you'd have your mind blown even more!
  8. Chris

    Is this normal OPDA wear?

    Looks normal to me. If those parts were brand new, they are going to break-in (just like ring and pinions) and develop a normal wear pattern like that.
  9. Chris

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Cooling System Overhaul FAQ

    Thanks for sharing this information, it's much appreciated!
  10. Chris

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Cooling System Overhaul FAQ

    No problem at all, happy to help :)
  11. Chris

    AEV highline LJR

    Well, that's what I hear at least. Through the grapevine you know.
  12. Chris

    Should I keep old control arms?

    I don't think people often bend a control arm. Never heard of it yet.
  13. Chris

    TJ owner overheard in bathroom at JK club

    What does the Gladiator owner say then? "Check my man bun for me, I think it's coming out!"
  14. Chris

    Is it possible to install a TJ sway bar upside down?

    There's only one way to install it that I can think of off the top of my head.
  15. Chris

    Steering stabilizer recommendations?

    After that picture was taken he probably spray painted it chrome too ;)
  16. Chris

    AEV highline LJR

    Yes, it seems silly to me as well. There's still enough market IMHO to make TJ products, but they simply don't care. They dropped the TJ support in stuff of the JK, and the will eventually drop the JK support in favor of the JL (and newer). There's a number of other highline solutions out...
  17. Chris

    Steering stabilizer recommendations?

    Sorry, but that's not what the bro-dozers want. They want ultra shiny, super big, dual steering stabilizers ;)
  18. Chris

    Anybody else have a Bug-A-Salt?

    And it's a lot cheaper to shoot than a real gun :ROFLMAO:
  19. Chris

    Anybody else have a Bug-A-Salt?

    Everyone keeps telling me how fun these are. I guess I need to invest in one, haha.