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  1. KCsTJ

    Lug centric vs hub centric wheel spacers

    I bought two used 1 inch wheel spacers in excellent condition. I then ran across some info saying the hub centric spacers are better spacers , apparently the hub design on hub centric spacers is a better ? more solid mount ? If that males sense.. My question is, would it be ok to run the two...
  2. KCsTJ

    Why I have 2 TJs

    The secrets out. This is why i have 2 tjs. When It rains, i need 4wd to get out of my own driveway!! 😂 I figure there's 1 or 2 days of good muddin right here 😂
  3. KCsTJ

    Original Jeep decal / badge?

    I keep thinking I've seen this on an old jeep or maybe an old jeep commercial, idk it just looks familiar. Was this symbol a part of the jeep badging on old jeeps at one time? This decal was a freebie tossed in the box with some other Jeep stuff I got in the mail.
  4. KCsTJ

    Replacing 30RH automatic with a manual

    Well the 30rh decided to lose 2nd gear last week while im going about servicing my pool route. This is within 5k miles afrer a full tranny rebuild . I love the automatic on this 2.5 but it been nothing but trouble mainly because i made the mistake of taking it to Eagle Transmission, a franchised...
  5. KCsTJ

    Opinions on Willy's decal on my TJ?

    I want to put a Willy's decal with black lettering on the sides of the hood of my white tj.. ..but what line might I be crossing regarding fictitious jeep labeling? What makes a Willy's jeep a Willy's? Do Willy's jeeps have special wheels? Would I be laughed out of jeepdom? Would I face daily...
  6. KCsTJ

    Cheap 2.5 fuel damper fix

    The fuel damper on my 2.5L started leaking. This is the fuel damper at the end of the fuel rail on a 97. I stopped at a jeep dealership, they wanted $50. So i removed the bolt at the top and pulled it apart. See this black o-ring? Thats where the leak was, what with 169k on the clock.. So i...
  7. KCsTJ

    Cheap engine vacuum leak tester

    Saw this on u tube and copied. Had a vacuum leak on my 97 2.5L. I could hear but not locate. So I made this cheap smoker using a $6+change hand liquid transfer pump from HF. (I used my 20% off coupon). I attached the red hose from the hand pump to the vacuum hose from the brake booster. I...
  8. KCsTJ

    Ice flowers

    Planted some ice flower seeds by the lake last week. Sure nuff, they bloomed last nite when the temp plunged to 21*F !
  9. KCsTJ

    97 2.5 auto to 97 4.0 5 speed manual swap

    I have a 97 2.5L with a just rebuilt 30rh auto. Since getting my 05 Sport i kinda like the extra power 😀 I found a 97 4.0L 5 speed stick with 130k for $550. Any risk of PCMs not working right? will it need any VIN reprogramming? Will the electronics match with no quirky thing coming outta...
  10. KCsTJ

    Changing transmission fluid in the NSG370 6 speed

    Changing transmission fluid in the 6 speed today, replacing with Redline MTL. What size special sockets are needed to open: drain plug hole; and fill plug hole? Doing this for the first time. Looks like it uses a special hex socket? Not sure of the sizes needed, think i read somewhere 18mm...
  11. KCsTJ

    Body lift pucks: Poly or aluminum?

    Its time to install a 1" or 1.25" body lift on my 05 Sport. Is there any difference or benefit to using: aluminum polyethylene or rubber puck spacers? Right now I'm leaning towards a 1" aluminum body lift.
  12. KCsTJ

    '83 CJ hunting rig

    This 1983 CJ is featured at this jeep joint I drive past every week in Wylie, Texas. Only $19k ! ... couple pics
  13. KCsTJ

    Help with manifold fastners

    I am replacing the manifold gasket on my 2.5L. I want to know if I have this right... Pic 1 has my assortment of bolts with 3 different washers... The weird looking washers hold against both the intake/exhaust manifolds, correct? The round washers hold against the exhaust manifold only...
  14. KCsTJ

    Clutch pedal panic

    The other day I pull into the grocery store parking lot, park, get groceries, return to jeep. I'm in my 05 Sport with the 6 speed tranny. I get in, and go to push the clutch pedal and my foot hits the floorboard with zero resistance. For a split second I thought Scotty had beamed me over to my...
  15. KCsTJ

    Bushing press suggestions

    I am researching bushing presses and am in unfamiliar territory. Harbor freight has several from 6 ton to 12 ton to 20 ton bushing presses. Some are the stand alone 'H' design. Some are the 'C' arm design you place in a vise and use an impact on. I'm investing in this because I dont like...
  16. KCsTJ

    This guy paid for my breakfast today!

    Today i was minding my own business as usual, servicing my pool route, in miserable weather in my Patriot Blue 05 Sport. I pull into a fast food joint in Wylie, Texas and this TJ was in front of me. He leaves and i roll up with 4 one dollar bills in my hand. The nice lady handed me my drink...
  17. KCsTJ

    Removing factory subwoofer

    I thought I better ask before I tore something up. What's the secret to removing the sub enclosure box from the console? There are 2 small, thin, round, metal retainer doo dads, one at each end, looks like they hold the sub box in. ??? How does this enclosure come out?
  18. KCsTJ

    Right front Ravine wheel rubs

    On my 05 Sport with 105k: When i turn the steering wheel hard to the right to the wheel stop, the inside of the right front wheel scrapes against the right front control arm. It only scrapes at hard lock when im turning to the right. I noticed my not centered sway bar today and wondered if it...
  19. KCsTJ

    How to remove the front spindle nut

    This is hoew i easily removed rhe front axle nuts, torqued @ 175 ft pounds.... my torque wrench maxes out at 150 ft/lbs. So i was dreading removing that spindle nut. Once the spindle nut is off 3 bolts hold the bearing unit and axles. This may be all over U Tube, idk, but i didnt do an...
  20. KCsTJ

    Replace 2.5L with 4.0L

    I would like to replace my 97 2.5L engine with a 4.0L. I want to replace the 2.5L engine only. i want to keep the 32rh 3 speed tranny cuz it has just been rebuilt. Before i start doing the research, has anyone here done this with success? I can do the labor, the thing that concerns me is...