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    Radiator and cooling system

    Lots of people around here don't like Auto Zone parts in particular their radiators. I have never bought one there for any vehicle I've ever owned so no personal experience. The Mopar radiators are much more expensive and a bit harder to find. I went with a Denso from Rock Auto and have been...
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    Radiator and cooling system

    Where is the leak from? Are you certain the radiator is leaking? If so, replace the radiator. I'd also replace the water pump and hoses. I wouldn't do the heater core unless it's leaking. Not a bad idea to replace the thermostat and the radiator cap if it's not holding pressure. If it's...
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    Ball Joint Seating Question

    Tighten them and let us know what happens.
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    Ball Joint Seating Question

    What brand of ball joint?
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    Low Engine Compression

    Yep there's your problem. Definitely have the head worked. Valves ground...maybe new valve springs. Also, they should check the head for flatness. They can grind it down to make it perfectly flat and that's a good idea to ensure you don't get another failed head gasket. Alternatively you...
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    Need a new radiator

    Yep you are stuck with auto only if you want Mopar. I put a Denso in and it’s working great. Auto radiators will work fine with a manual. That’s how mine is now. Took out a Mopar that split on the top tank.
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    Let the brake master go empty, what now?

    Saw your edit. This is the one I have. Quite well made and been working great for a couple years. I don’t use the “auto refill kit” though.
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    Let the brake master go empty, what now?

    Yeah keeping an eye on the master cylinder to keep it filled is the only concern. It’s amazing how fast it bleeds the system and if you are changing the fluid, it’s extremely fast. I’ve bled brakes with a hand pump, with two people with one working the brake pedal, with a Motive pressure...
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    Let the brake master go empty, what now?

    If you have a decent air compressor, try the vacuum bleeder from Harbor Freight. It pulls a vacuum fast and bleeds a brake system very fast and with no mess. I have and was using a Motive pressure bleeder for awhile and now use my HF vacuum bleeder more than the pressure bleeder.
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    Propane and Propane Accessories

    I have a inverter generator I converted to propane. Burning propane in an engine definitely has a unique odor compared to gasoline. It burns so clean that you can extend the oil changes if you want to.
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    Downsizing tires for mpg

    I doubt going from 31s to something smaller will have much impact on mpgs. Going from 35s or larger to smaller than 31s....yeah might be noticeable.
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    Most reliable inline-6 engines

    I had a 1979 Chevy 250 many years ago. I rebuilt it. It was a gutless turd. I should have just put a 350 in it. The 292 might have been a little better. My uncle had one and it ran for many years.
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    Leaking radiator

    Don't go off color to determine what coolant you should be using. Color hasn't been standardized for coolants although I think it might be coming. You have to go off the chemistry. If you are undecided, go with GO5. It's been pretty well shown that it's a good coolant for our Jeeps.
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    Leaking radiator

    I think your info is good but a technical issue. You aren't seeing casting sand. Yes sand was used to cast the cast iron blocks our Jeeps have but that sand is removed in the manufacturing process. There shouldn't be any left inside the engine unless there was an issue with the manufacturer...
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    What is the OPDA and do I need to change mine?

    That's a loaded question. The camshaft gear drives the gear on the OPDA. This spins the OPDA and the cam sensor is on the OPDA so that determines where the cam position is....and that's why alignment is so important. So, the cam is driving the OPDA via the gear. The oil pump needs to spin as...
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    Exhaust fumes and antifreeze smell in cab

    Park the Jeep outside. Remove the air intake tube. Have someone pour a little Seafoam or Gumout Regane down the intake with the engine running. As they do so, you need to be under the Jeep looking for leaks. It'll smoke a lot so that may help you find your leaks. Also, you can start it up...
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    Leaking radiator

    This year. I'm sure it would have failed sooner if the radiator cap had been holding pressure like it should have. I bought the Jeep last year and did a bunch of work/parts replacement on it. I replaced the water pump and thermostat, flushed the cooling system, and refilled it. As I was...
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    Leaking radiator

    I'm not sure but orings do fail at times. The radiator tank is drilled and the cooler is installed before the tank is crimped to the radiator. It has to seal between the trans cooler and the tank somewhere. If it's on the inside, then the entire radiator is toast and needs to be replaced. I'm...
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    Leaking radiator

    My 2005 cracked. Lots of people have posted their plastic radiator tank cracked. So, the plastic tanks do indeed crack. How often? No idea but it's often enough that lots of people have had it happen to them. Either way....Mopar isn't known for quality. Sucks but that's just how it is. We...