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  1. Gene Neill

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    That's how I feel about four door Wranglers. I don't hate the vehicles, nor the people who drive them. I hate the fact they're called Wranglers. It's offensive.
  2. Gene Neill

    1st time owner '98 Sahara

    That is one beautiful TJ I WAS a fan of the strip (in central Florida it's pretty much mandatory) but this time, on our "new" TJ, I got the whole windshield done in ceramic. Whatever the max legal % was, I can't recall now. I loved it instantly and I love it still. I'll never get another...
  3. Gene Neill

    How to install heated seats in your Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I'm disappointed with the kit I got from Bartact, whatever brand it is. The LED indicator light stopped working after two days, and the heater shuts itself off every 15-20 minutes and must be restarted.
  4. Gene Neill

    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    For the life of me, I can't understand why this place went out of business.
  5. Gene Neill

    Aggressive drivers toward Jeeps?

    Florida is a mixed bag. Southeast Florida, they drive like New York/New Jersey. Around here, it's mostly octogenarian Yankees who can't seem to drive faster than a stoned tortoise, with a few actual Floridians going insane trying to get around them. But my REAL peeve is people on the highway...
  6. Gene Neill

    Added A New TJ to the Family

    That's some good parenting right there!
  7. Gene Neill

    Anyone into knives?

    Thought I'd share some pics of this Bowie my dad made for me. It was the first of only two knives he ever made, one for me and one for my sister. All from scratch, just chunks of copper and stainless steel. The only things he didn't fashion himself were the ornate pins in the grip.
  8. Gene Neill

    Didn't realize the Titans were this bad!

    Second and 99, is that for real?? How the hell does that happen??? LOL
  9. Gene Neill

    Anyone into knives?

    Another Spyderco fan here. Excellent steel, thin, light as a feather, opens in a blink, virtually indestructible.
  10. Gene Neill

    Cessna 182 panel upgrade

    Yeah, the guy married well, if ya get my drift. REALLY well. Although he does say the plane is now worth a lot more than he has in it. I hate him.
  11. Gene Neill

    Cessna 182 panel upgrade

    Not a pilot myself, but I'm in awe of this project. A buddy of mine gutted his 182 last year and resto'd the whole bloody thing. WAY beyond my pitiful abilities. And my pitiful paycheck.
  12. Gene Neill

    The good news thread

    One more. Me, my wife, and my mother. Together with Robert, my daughter in law, and all five grandyounguns. :)
  13. Gene Neill

    The good news thread

    A couple months ago I found out I had a 34 year old son, a wonderful daughter in law, and FIVE GRANDKIDS whom I never knew existed. My "new" son is a damn fine man who dotes on his kids, adores his wife, and busts his ass to support them all. From left: my "new" son Robert, my "old" son Cody...
  14. Gene Neill

    Well folks, I'm considering selling the TJ

    I drove one in Scotland for a short time. I recall it had a bizarre "push in/turn/pull out" sort of shifter. And right-hand wheel, obviously.
  15. Gene Neill

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    I stuck an LED bulb in mine and it's working for now ... but yours is now in my Amazon list! (y)
  16. Gene Neill

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    My wife asked Santa for a seat heater, so I bought a kit from Bartact and got it installed over the last three days. Very pleased with the results. While I was at it, I found and fixed the "tumble" problem in the driver's seat. The issue was inside the lever housing. One of the two cables (the...
  17. Gene Neill

    Well folks, I'm considering selling the TJ

    I interpreted your posts exactly the same way he did.
  18. Gene Neill

    Which battery to go with?

    Thanks. I just ordered the Duracell-labeled version. I chose to get it from Batteries Plus, because they offered a 4-year warranty while everyone else I could find only offered three. They also offered 10% off for ordering it online, so they could harvest my name, address, phone number, email...
  19. Gene Neill

    Which battery to go with?

    Is there any reason NOT to use a G24 instead of G34? G24 is the same footprint, just an inch taller. Counter intuitively, the 34's I have compared all have higher CCA's than G24's, but here in Florida I'm not as concerned with that as much as reserve capacity. Sadly, the manufacturers almost...