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  1. zebra12

    Daily Driver, Go Where I Want To Build

    @jjvw Are you running the same width wheel spacers in the front and rear?
  2. zebra12

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    Chupacabra. Do people still report seeing them in New Mexico?
  3. zebra12

    psrivats' 2005 TJ Rubicon mild build

    I hope Karma and the L of TD carry a bat, blowtorch, and pair of pliers with them.
  4. zebra12

    psrivats' 2005 TJ Rubicon mild build

    I hope there is a place in the Stalin wing of hell for those lying hippies that sold that Subie to you.
  5. zebra12

    Piss & Moan Table

    My wife went to Colorado State. She died a little on the inside last night after that loss in OT. I died a little too, from listening to the rage.
  6. zebra12

    Piss & Moan Table

    I'm not sure how common those are on the eastside of the Cascades, but on the westside there are quite a few Hiaces and Delicas running around in the wild. Whenever I see one, I always wonder what part availability and cost is for them.
  7. zebra12

    EV thread

    Neighbor bought an all electric 2024 Mini on Sunday. He said it stickered for $36k (he leased it) and has a range of 100-150 miles per charge. Maybe I'm missing something, but that sure is a steep price for something that can't go very far.
  8. zebra12

    Piss & Moan Table

    Transverse v-6 engines are the work of satan (former Grand Caravan 3.8 owner).
  9. zebra12

    WTB: Grabar USA grab handles

    I drilled a 1.5" hole and used these grommets on the Hooke bars.
  10. zebra12

    Hood insulation

    04 and 05 Unlimiteds (standard equipment). IIRC, when I bought my 04 new, the dealership had literature that said the Unlimiteds came with insulated carpet and hood insulation to make them quieter.
  11. zebra12

    Am I overthinking the process with new rear axle install?

    @Corky I'm in Corvallis if you need a helper.
  12. zebra12

    Chik-Fil-A Drive Thru

    I prefer Popeye's over CFA. Bigger portions, spicier sandwich, and the mac and cheese isn't an extra $4.50.
  13. zebra12

    Southwest folks affected by the hurricane

    I was in Tucson last week, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a Waffle House. I asked my wife and daughter to broaden their horizons and eat there, but I lost that 2 front battle.
  14. zebra12

    It just happened!

    @Irun What tire size do you want/plan to run on this Jeep?
  15. zebra12

    The good news thread

    *Should be in the Piss and Moan thread* I got gas at Costco in Greenville, SC two days ago; gas was 99 cents cheaper per gallon in SC than I paid today in Oregon. I'm not going to miss the Oregon taxes when we move.
  16. zebra12

    The good news thread

    I filled up my daughter's car today, and in the category of it's about damn time - we have self service gas in the People's Republic of Oregon. Half the pumps are still full service, and the price is the same for full or self service. Costco had helpers at the self service pumps to explain to...
  17. zebra12

    Taxation in the USA

    No, that is not true. Just a small slice of the truth.
  18. zebra12

    Taxation in the USA

    Damn. I confused you and ScottGraham.
  19. zebra12

    Taxation in the USA

    You left Brevard? How much of an improvement is TN over NC?
  20. zebra12

    What gear oil should I use in my diff?

    I have a Crosstrek and an AWD Highlander. I thought it was interesting that both of those OEMs used non-synthetic diff fluid in them.