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  1. GoBig

    WTB: SoCal - Walker Evans 17", 5x5.5", 3.75"BS

    I'm in SoCal and looking for 1 to 4 of these wheels in silver/gray
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    September 2023 ROTM (Ride of the Month) Contest

    Stoddard Wells
  3. GoBig

    August 2023 ROTM (Ride of the Month) Contest

    Stoddard Wells - Pumpkin Eater West Trail
  4. GoBig

    California SoCal MiniFest 2023

    I may be in
  5. GoBig

    B&M auto shifter 81187

    I just installed this shifter this weekend...I didn't have to do anything (extra) with my reverse lights to get them to work. I will say, a couple other things that help with the install...1) need to drop the from driveshaft 2) need to drop the transmission cross member, or in my case, I have...
  6. GoBig

    California Sierra Trek 2021: anyone going?

    I signed up
  7. GoBig

    SOLD 2002 TJ built for off-roading

    That's what I did, but I sold my JKU and bought a FULLY built TJ.
  8. GoBig

    California Where in Northern California do you guys go for alignments?

    I'm in California too...I do it myself in the garage with a tape measure. it's not difficult at all.
  9. GoBig

    Facts about the Jeep 4.0 cylinder head

    are the heads interchangeable? I have a 2002 and was wondering if any of the earlier years' heads fit?
  10. GoBig

    KC Gravity Pro and Flex LED headlights on a TJ

    You will need H4 Male to H13 Female
  11. GoBig

    Finding Your CoG (Center of Gravity)

    thank you!
  12. GoBig

    KC Gravity Pro and Flex LED headlights on a TJ

    Love them! Amazing light output!
  13. GoBig

    Factory half door armor

    Where are you fining the Genright coupons?
  14. GoBig

    Outboarded Shocks In Action

    Hey Rick...I recognize that TJ in the background!
  15. GoBig

    What does your Jeep Wrangler TJ weigh?

    Mine has 1-ton axles, 40" tires with spare, 4.0, Atlas 2-speed, Warn9.5Ti, full armor corner to corner and bottom, soft top, dual triangulated rear, stretched long arms, full cage, tools, high-lift jack in rear, and driver. Front = 2520 lbs Rear = 2920 lbs Total = 5440 lbs
  16. GoBig

    Art-Carr / Winters shifter install stock 32RH

    The TF999 is the same as the 32RH TF999=32RH. Winters offers one for the TF999 so it should work However, the install may not be as easy as "plug & play", as MrBlaine knows.
  17. GoBig

    Is Motobilt a good brand?

    Just installed their Aluminum tub fit perfectly!