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  1. Kyle_W

    SOLD Mopar Water Pump 2000 - 2006

    I bought this because I thought I needed to replace it. However, realized that I just didn't need it. My loss is your gain! $60.00 + ~20.00 shipping.
  2. Kyle_W

    SOLD Winch bumper, 2" lift, JKS track bar

    Front winch bumper (Made by GroundPounder fab) and Warn VR8000 winch for $280.00. BDS 2" lift + BDS 2" shocks for $90.00 JKS adjustable track bar for $100. JKS quick disconnect sway bar links for $80. Sorry but i'm only doing local pickup!
  3. Kyle_W

    Is this a bad fuel pressure regulator?

    Reviving this thread. I am having similar issues to the OP. For a few months now my 2002 4.0L has taken much longer to startup. It also runs really rich/rough idle for the first few minutes that the engine is warming up. I've read about replacing the fuel injectors, as well as replacing the...
  4. Kyle_W

    How to replace a pinion seal on your TJ

    I thought that the Dana 30 and Dana 35 pinion seals were the same. So I installed a Dana 35 pinion seal on my Dana 30, and just realized that the inner diameter of the seal doesn't even meet the yoke. I'm pretty positive this is not how it's supposed to look like: After more research, it...
  5. Kyle_W

    How to replace a pinion seal on your TJ

    I've read a lot of conflicting information in my research on replacing both Dana 30 and Dana 35 seals. Some forum goer's (on Jeep Forum, Wrangler Forum, etc.) strictly advise using a new crush sleeve, new pinion nut, and using an inch/pounds dial to measure the rotating torque of the pinion nut...
  6. Kyle_W

    Texas Texas Jeepers!

    I'm not entirely sure what i'm doing yet on monday - however, i'm gonna find out because that sounds awesome!
  7. Kyle_W

    Jeep Wrangler TJ U-Joint Replacement

    @Chris, I did some research, and came up with this information directly from Dana's website. Perhaps it would be a good addition to your original post.
  8. Kyle_W

    Are windjammers functional?

    I did this with Bestop's separate safari top + windjammer + tonneau cover for a while. To the OP, it definitely fun and functional. However, I wish I just had a full soft top to put up and put down whenever the weather permitted. Because with all the separate Bestop pieces, it doesn't keep rain...
  9. Kyle_W

    The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

    Hey Chris. I think if you added this link - - to your original post, it would reduce the number of repeat questions on this thread. That's the part finding webpage directly from NKG. Also, I think adding something along the lines of "if your old sensors won't budge...
  10. Kyle_W

    The red juice box build

    Very nice! A TJ beats any other "first car!"
  11. Kyle_W

    Texas Texas Jeepers!

    Man, that sounds amazing! I'd love to, but I doubt i'd be able to get the whole weekend off. How far from Hidden Falls are you?
  12. Kyle_W

    Texas Texas Jeepers!

    @KCsTJ @JMT @K0LCB @b0xcar @Babygools99 And any other Texas Jeepers; Let's put together a Hidden Falls run (I must do this in advance, so that I can ask for the appropriate day off from work). Perhaps May 27th (memorial day)?
  13. Kyle_W

    The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

    My good sir, you always are online responding to "calls for help" from forum members. I certainly imagine I am not alone when I exclaim how much I appreciate this forum! Is the "ohms test" a solid identifier of a bad o2 sensor? I just am not well versed in testing components such oxygen sensors.
  14. Kyle_W

    The Official Jeep Wrangler TJ Oxygen (O2) Sensor Thread

    I've been having pretty consistent fuel or possibly exhaust related issues; high idling, low idling, poor fuel efficiency (relative to what I usually get), and long starting times. I have cleaned my IAC (idle air control), replaced the CPS (crankshaft position sensor), and replaced the TPS...
  15. Kyle_W

    Tracking down a loud popping

    I'm going to check that when I get a chance. Besides checking that, I don't know what else would cause such a loud clunk when braking? It's easy to argue that it's something shifting when the momentum of the Jeep changes. I'd imagine it'd be in my suspension somewhere. But nothing is really lose?
  16. Kyle_W

    Tracking down a loud popping

    Trying to track down what is creating a loud popping noise every time I brake and come to a halt. It's never when I take off from a stop, it's only when I am about to come to a complete stop. Sounds as if something is shifting, but not necessarily as if something is breaking. Grabbed and shaked...
  17. Kyle_W

    Texas Texas Jeepers!

    I may go. Are you going @JMT?
  18. Kyle_W

    Rear End Differential Help

    If it's at all helpful, I replaced my whole front axle housing with a used axle housing I found on eBay. It was time consuming, but extremely straight forward. That may be the cheapest way to replace your rear end: just buy a whole 'nother one!
  19. Kyle_W

    Upgrading the underhood light

    Bro, I still freaking crack up at your profile picture. Every time. :D
  20. Kyle_W

    MML, BL, Tow Hooks, "The Cure!"

    All of these came off my Jeep or were for my Jeep - just don't need them anymore. $30 ($135 brand new) - JKS 1.25" body lift (one of the radiator jounce bumpers was damaged by our dog, however, it looks like it'll still fit into the radiator bumper hole) $20 - factory front tow hooks, with...