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  1. Ahoragi

    What is the best steering for my Jeep Wrangler TJ?

    Currie does work at lower heights but sometimes requires modification. I had H&R springs at 1.5" and I ran Currie Steering for a couple years. It bolted in and I got 1/8" toe-in with almost no adjusment left.
  2. Ahoragi

    Fuel pressure gauge one of those must-have tools

    I'm bumping this thread for a quick question. What size schrader valve port is on the rail? 1/4"? 3/8"? I am making one for my 4runner to test fuel pressure but I cannot find my fuel pressure tester. Since I am buying a jeep soon I want to get a another pressure tester that will fit both.
  3. Ahoragi

    Daily Driver Replacement - Opinions wanted

    I do not like mine but they fit your needs. Roomy, reliable, and super capable. They get alot of rave reviews because they are still built in an old school sense. The rear diff lock is handy and I am sure your dogs will enjoy the rear power window.
  4. Ahoragi

    Jeep ==> Toyota ==> Jeep

    Hello fellas. It has been a while and looks like the forum is doing well. My 4runner has been a total ass lately and I am on the lookout for another TJ. Could be soon or later but I will be jeepin once again. Looking forward to hanging out here! Chris
  5. Ahoragi

    What can't you live without?

    My female companion....
  6. Ahoragi

    Wrangler TJ Ball Joint Replacement

    Stick with Spicer. You can get them on Amazon if you are not in a hurry or at the local dealership. edit: A good reason to stick with Spicer is that most aftermarket ball joints are knurled. You would install these and then end up returning to Spicer when they fail prematurely then realize the...
  7. Ahoragi

    What the hell are these?

    They do look like foot stirrups to assist in getting in a tall jeep.
  8. Ahoragi

    What the hell are these?

  9. Ahoragi

    What the hell are these?

    grab handles for in the bedroom :dancing:
  10. Ahoragi

    New to the book of faces....HELP

    I guess its worthless then. I will probably delete my acct and stick with CL. I only have my gf and a wheeling buddy. They can msg me and all that but I did change all my settings to Friends only. Does that include marketplace msgs?
  11. Ahoragi

    New to the book of faces....HELP

    I have avoided it up till this time and decided to give it a try just for the Marketplace cuz it seems that more people sell on FB than on CL. I been browsing it on my phone and sent quite a few requests to folks selling vehicles but have not received a single response by any. Today I sent a...
  12. Ahoragi

    New to the book of faces....HELP

    I finally joined FB but only to browse the marketplace. First off let me say that they over complicated this website. There are just WAY TOO MANY options, buttons, things to do on this page that I easily get lost. It took me about 35 minutes to figure out how to change my privacy because all...
  13. Ahoragi

    stock upper and lower control arms, XJ trackbar bracket

    I am looking for a set of upper and lower arms in good shape (tj or xj) and also a stock trackbar bracket for a 97-02 cherokee. I think the older cherokees have the same bracket too. Thanks Chris 16157
  14. Ahoragi

    Steering hose/fitting leak XJ

    I ended up heading to Daveys Jeeps and picked up a good working pump with hoses for $40. I am thinking my pump is bad and is the reason it is hard to turn so I will toss this one on and see what happens. I did not notice this before but the raised edge of the pully that holds the belt on has...
  15. Ahoragi

    Steering hose/fitting leak XJ

    Got a question for you guys related to steering hose leak. It's for a 2000 XJ but not much different from the TJ. Everything was peachy two weeks ago and then I noticed fluid dripping out of the return line fitting at the box. A pretty good drip. I wiped it up to check and confirm the leak on...
  16. Ahoragi

    The days are coming to and end...

    Harbor Freight!,f,EAFeatured+Weight,f,Sale+Rank,f&q=car+port It's 10x17 and they have a few but I don't know the differences between them. It's about $170-ish with the 20% coupon. Worth every cent if you don't have...
  17. Ahoragi

    The days are coming to and end...

    And finally the 4th is free...sorta. I had to cut the shock rod, bar pin, and then the head of the bolt to remove the remaining piece of the bar pin so I could spray it with some of my trusty can of magical powers, which ran out on this last bolt. :oops: Once it broke loose then it was very easy...
  18. Ahoragi

    Need help choosing mud / street tires

    Want a cheap aggressive tire that rocks in all conditions but also wears like iron? Goodyear Authority. I like em so much that I had/have em on my Tj, XJ, current 4runner, and about to slap em on my new old XJ. Still have yet to wear down a set past half tread.
  19. Ahoragi

    Seen any YJs lately?

    Lot of em here mainly cuz I live close to 4wd Hardware. No stormtroopers though.