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  1. David Kishpaugh

    Core 4x4 0-6" track bar for your 2.5" lift?

    Think again. You can go right ahead and cut the zero out of there and make it 4.5"-6" because of the 3.25" required bumpstop extensions which matches a 16.5" collapsed shock length. Metal cloak, currie, skyjaker and rk are the only springs that are long enough to stay seated with a 26.5"...
  2. David Kishpaugh

    Does control arm bushing composition affect ride quality or NVH?

    we can't even grease the mc joint with grease let alone use a grease gun. They have to be disassembled, cleaned and then spread the lip balm on them with your finger that they send you, which was about 4 times a year for me on one of my personal rigs running 12" travel shocks I had put them in...
  3. David Kishpaugh

    Does control arm bushing composition affect ride quality or NVH?

    going strong If metal cloak were fused to the outer shell so they can't squeak and squak like a hiem joint, I would likely be using them instead of the JK and jl bushings. I have yet to get my hands on the rock krawler adventure joints yet.
  4. David Kishpaugh

    Savvy gas tank skid and ball joint delete kit

    The ball joint deletes were removed in September 22. The jeep developed a bad case of DW again. Both ball joints were sloppy. Due to the cost of the rebuild kits, I installed a $180 set of yukon/apex yspbj001-hdk2 joints, which is what I've been using on customer rigs for the last 3 years...
  5. David Kishpaugh

    Big-time bumpsteer!

    The stock pivot point of the stock track bar tre is 1" below the stock bracket, 5.5" below the frame. The rc bracket is 1 3/4" below the stock bracket, 6.25" below the frame to the bolt center. "Good enough" is bull crap when we're talking about a pitman arm thats 2-3/8" lower than the stock...
  6. David Kishpaugh

    Does control arm bushing composition affect ride quality or NVH?

    They are just fine upto a 4" lift. Fixed length aftermarket tj lower arms are 16". Stock are 15.75". Use stock length, 14.75 "adjustable" uppers and you still have decent caster. Add a set of square re1478 cams and you have excellent caster and can still run a 33" tire under a stock fender...
  7. David Kishpaugh

    Does control arm bushing composition affect ride quality or NVH?

    There is actually a few reason why I recycle and use these... Private, has them in his front lower mid arms also.
  8. David Kishpaugh

    Big-time bumpsteer!

    no. use an unmodified stock pitman arm if you don't have the ability to modify it. using a Cherokee pitman arm, you are 3/4" off the other direction. bumpsteer will be greatly reduced with the stock pitman arm if you even notice it. He'll, these guys running around with "crossover" steering...
  9. David Kishpaugh

    Big-time bumpsteer!

    Rc DPA stock Xj pitman arm stock tj pitman arm....
  10. David Kishpaugh

    Big-time bumpsteer!

    Stock pitman compared to a normal rough country DPA....
  11. David Kishpaugh

    Big-time bumpsteer!

    that track bar bracket drops 3/4" below the stock pivot, it needs a stock pitman arm that is bent down 3/4". you are better off with a stock pitman arm than you are with the dpa which hangs 2.5" lower than stock.
  12. David Kishpaugh

    Heim joint on top of pitman arm?

    If your shocks are longer than 24" extended whit stock knuckles the heims will bind up before the suspension reaches full droop. The bar can be bent to allow more but then you are limiting your uptravel.
  13. David Kishpaugh

    Track bar adventures with AndyG

    Moogk7252 press in 14mm hardware Energy suspension 2.7107G press in sleaves w/polly bushing set. this is the bushing set used on Rubicon express Forged track bars, jk,jl,jt. moog-k201643 press in uniball/bushing. requires some honing of the track bar end to fit Rough country forged track...
  14. David Kishpaugh

    Boosted Technologies vs Magnum Powers Supercharger

    This sounds like tuning to me, however we have had very few issues with the 00-04 since we started using unichip. The unichip isnt working at all for the 05/06 units I've done. I've also struck out on tuning from fast specialties in Vancouver with 05/06 tuning. They couldn't get it correct and...
  15. David Kishpaugh

    Nth Degree Mobility Owners Resource Thread

    the jk uniball needs a die grinder taken to the inside of the track bar housing and make a few rounds, then it will press in without destroying it. the k7252 bushing works great in the frame end. If you have long travel shocks, 26" extended or more, the rubber bushing on the frame end takes a...
  16. David Kishpaugh

    American Iron Offroad Balljoint Deletes

    I wouldnt even believe dynatrac would say that. the only difference in the tj and Jk ball joint is the lower joint taper. the jk uses the same joint as the wj.
  17. David Kishpaugh

    American Iron Offroad Balljoint Deletes

    I no longer by or install spicer joints unless the customer brings them. when they only last a few months, they tend to think I should do the work for free the second time.
  18. David Kishpaugh

    American Iron Offroad Balljoint Deletes

    Mine got replaced with Yukon/Apex ball joints 2weeks ago. about 17 months wobble free and started violently shaking again once in a while. a few weeks later, still driving it, it became completely undriveable. the rebuild kit was more than I wanted to spend and I didn't want to wait for them to...
  19. David Kishpaugh

    RHD Steering Upgrade

    Any chance you or anyone recognize this tie rod? Looks like wj rod ends to me with a stock drag link.