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    Where to find a NV3550 for a 2001 TJ?

    Where to find a NV3550 for a 2001 TJ? Or place to send for remanufacture?
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    How can I carry 2 kayaks?

    2001 TJ Hardtop. I need to carry 2 Kayaks. Any ideas on racks or ? to carry them?
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    What is this fender flare part called?

    What is this called? I need them.
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    Why do some people not carry Hi-Lift jacks?

    If y’all cannot tell the guy in the video is using a improperly working hi lift jack. You don’t need to use one. He was having to force the locking pins in place, as the springs were not working them. Using one hand and he got what he deserved.
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    Rear mounted tow hook?

    Yep! Every new Jeep and from time to time it gets sand blasted/wire wheel cleaned and new paint! Just picked up the Rubicon a few months back. It has save many Tires and just slides down ledges and rocks easily! And a big yes on varying opinions, it’s what makes the world go around.
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    Rear mounted tow hook?

    Naaaaaaa! I’ve had it on 7 different Jeeps for over 28 years, nary an issue! I do however know how to install a rear bumper to a Jeep that makes a Tire Carrier/Bumper very stout! It does get wire wheeled/sand blasted from time to time and repainted!
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    Rear mounted tow hook?

    Like this? It doubles as a Spare Tire Skid as well! It is huge.
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    kdango's 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    Thanks! They all serve different purposes. Green one for trails, winter use, Colorado, Moab stuff. White one hunting and beater on semi hard stuff, it’s very roadworthy still on 37’s. Red one is a beast for anything. 40’s not so rodeworthy but still legal to do so. We are giving up the white...
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    Why do some people not carry Hi-Lift jacks?

    I’ve carried one in our Jeeps since 81. Have used the jack no telling how many times. I also carry a bottle jack and a small hydraulic floor jack. Using a hi lift for tires normal or big tires is invaluable, just have to have a small chain and hook or a good strap to strap axle from all the...
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    Built Rig vs Obstacle

    Nice! Been there. That’s a rear steer obstacle!
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    kdango's 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    My 03 Rubicon, my 97 and my 04 My 2 97’s and my 03.
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    A Story of Indecision and Frivolous Spending

    Great. Nice looking build.