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  1. Ante_Up

    So many headlight options

    They have halo options but I opted for these. UNI-SHINE 7 inch LED Headlight 2PCS Round LED Headlamp with Cree Chips High Low Beam DOT Approved H6024 Compatible with J-eep Wrangler JK LJ TJ CJ
  2. Ante_Up

    So many headlight options

    I bought some truck lite knock offs on Amazon. They've been great for over a year, so far. I'll find the link
  3. Ante_Up

    At a loss with death wobble

    If you have the option, I'd take it somewhere that does road force balancing.
  4. Ante_Up

    At a loss with death wobble

    I assume you've done a dry steering test to see if something is moving that's not supposed to be moving? That typically finds the bulk of these issues.
  5. Ante_Up

    Fuel pump location

    This will help guide you through dropping the tank. It's a pretty easy task, especially if you have an empty tank... Which I would recommend.
  6. Ante_Up

    Can I get a value for my Jeep?

    Rebuilt title, different from salvage title. Vehicle was inspected, etc in order to receive a rebuilt title. I purchased the vehicle with the hail damage and swapped the hood and sold the hard top myself. There is very minor damage to the fender that was already there... About the equivalent to...
  7. Ante_Up

    Can I get a value for my Jeep?

    Debating on selling the old Jeep. 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, 104K, 4.0, 5 speed, heat, ac, runs and drives great...mechanically sound. New full OEM cooling system, new fuel pump, new exhaust manifold, new motor mounts, MML, new trans mount, all the Sahara seats in great shape, Rebuilt title due...
  8. Ante_Up

    Is the transfer case shifter panel supposed to light up or not?

    If you're referring to the 4x4 light in the dash, yes. I don't believe the gear indicator on the transfer case lever lights up.
  9. Ante_Up

    1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0 Transmission Identification

    Should be an A904 (30RH). I don't know if any 97-06 Wranglers came with the 32RH. Someone more knowledgeable will confirm.
  10. Ante_Up

    Hard top prices

    We shall see... Other than that, it is in great shape. The holes are small, not baseball sized. That's just roughly the hail size.
  11. Ante_Up

    Hard top prices

    It's got a couple spots that baseball sized hail hit. It created a couple holes in the outer layer. I cover them with tan duct tape.
  12. Ante_Up

    Hard top prices

    What are prices ranging for hard tops in decent shape. Thinking about selling mine. Great shape other than a couple hail damage spots on top. Has working defrost and wiper.
  13. Ante_Up

    What is this ???

    It's a temp sensor for the battery.
  14. Ante_Up

    Driving without front driveshaft

    Unless im not thinking straight, the u-joints should be on the driveshaft. Wrap some masking tape around the perimeter of the loose cups to keep them from falling off.
  15. Ante_Up

    Loose steering and constant correction needed - help

    We'll likely start with removing that drop pitman arm... That is not needed. Have you done a dry steering test to see if anything is loose?
  16. Ante_Up

    Center console lock image

    My advice would be to purchase the Tuffy center console box. Keeps the factory look but incorporates a steel lock box. Like this one: Anyway, here's the pic you requested:
  17. Ante_Up

    1997 Mopar water pump?

    Thank you.
  18. Ante_Up

    Dana 44?

    Yep, looks like a Dana 44 to me
  19. Ante_Up

    1997 Mopar water pump?

    Finding conflicting information online. Is the OEM part number for a 97 4.0 water pump 4626054AF?
  20. Ante_Up

    Jeep rubber floor mats...OEM, fair asking price?

    I can't find any info or pictures of these anywhere online. Is anybody familiar with them? Worth anything? Had someone offer 50 bucks for them.