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  1. kmas0n

    SSV Works Center Console 10" Aftermarket Sub Enclosure (TJ-CCSB10-U)
  2. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    A lawn chair is a upgrade from the factory seats. I've actually been thinking about the seats from the TJ, since I want to install some custom prp daily driver seats on the krawler. I have the radiator but it didn't make the photo.... Time is the real problem
  3. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    Thank you! I've actually had my eye on the Jeep 4cyl... Plenty of power for a 2k lb Jeep... Or a Kubota diesel swap, or a VW TDI swap. Either way, I want to keep the T-84 and D-18. Disc brakes were a must. I don't want to die for nostalgia.
  4. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    Bear with me, the GPW is almost done and I'll get back to the TJ soon. in the mean time...
  5. kmas0n

    2005 Rubicon; A Rubi Brother

    Plans? You may continue
  6. kmas0n

    2005 Rubicon; A Rubi Brother

    If you need anything, let me know. I don't have much free time, but I do have nearly every tool you could possibly need. I forgot to mention it the other day, but I do have a little 110 welder you can borrow. Its a flux core so it doesn't need a bottle. Watch a few youtube vids and you could...
  7. kmas0n

    Am I okay to jack up the front end by the axle housing?

    Only thing to watch out for is the jack can slide down the axle tube if you tilt it very far.
  8. kmas0n

    Surpentine belt size adjustment

    I would go to a parts store and try to find a belt with 107 inches, see how it fits, then 106... and so forth. that's what I did. Who knows how to move a tensioner 3/8"? and for fucks sake. Serpentine. like a snake.
  9. kmas0n

    Lift identification

    I've seen those goofy control arms before. I don't know why but the name Nth degree popped into my head.
  10. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    And we have a rolling chasis
  11. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    The rear axle got the same treatment... Full rebuild, new carrier, locker, ring and pinion, bearings, seals, brakes... everything. I even saved the gear ratio tag 39/8.. 4.875 (4:88)
  12. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    Yeah, they are goofy, but kinda cool. Thanks!
  13. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    I've made a little progress with Trail_Willys. Big milestone was I have learned to setup differentials. Both front and rear ring and pinions were ruined, and I thought it would be a great time to learn a new skill. The front axle is completely rebuilt and back under the jeep.
  14. kmas0n

    SJ’s TJ

    What headers did you use?
  15. kmas0n

    Daily Driver, Go Where I Want To Build

    You got this. I just learned (with a master mechanics supervision) how to install gears on an old dana 25. It just takes a lot of patience and some specialized tools. If I can do it, literally anyone can.