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  1. glowell222

    1000+ Horsepower I6 Jeep Engine

    Ahh yes, the coveted gray area. Is it an EV? Is it a hybrid? Since it required onboard fuel and an onboard ICE, I don't consider it an EV. Regardless, a win at Dakar is always impressive.
  2. glowell222

    1000+ Horsepower I6 Jeep Engine

    I will be impressed once I see any EV start, run, and finish the 24 Hours of LeMans. Until that time, it's just another 1,000 hp engine with a 90 second lifespan.
  3. glowell222

    Dash removal procedure

    Looks like the perfect opportunity for an immortalizing write-up. Good luck--
  4. glowell222

    Things Chrysler did a great job on with the TJ

    Aside from all of the previously listed accolades, more and more I appreciate the lack of "driver assist" nags and nannies. We actually get to/have to drive our TJs, and must know what we're doing.
  5. glowell222

    Why a TJ?

    I like the simplicity of nearly every part and component, the reliability, the military lineage, the incredible TJ community, and that I never have to guess which car is mine in the parking lot. Every other SUV is trying to perform like a TJ.
  6. glowell222

    Purchased my first TJ

    Welcome to the forum-great looking TJ. Good job getting the mandatory ditch-ride out of the way and with a minimum of damage. Here's my $.02. Tires: 31x9.5 tires would look just fine and work just fine, particularly for daily driving. How are the brakes? How is the brake fluid? Flush it...
  7. glowell222

    Mostly stock tj

    Excellent! Jeeps aren't meant to be pretty-that's for Broncos and FJs.
  8. glowell222

    No more angry squirrels!

    Well, now you have the awkward username situation...
  9. glowell222

    Intermittent issues

    Forgive me for asking: all of the basic maintenance items (plugs/wires/distributor cap/rotor) are in good condition? Is the engine coolant temp sensor within operating range? Wiring to O2 sensors is intact between the sensor and the main wiring loom? All vacuum lines are in good condition?
  10. glowell222

    Let's talk about positive Jeep parts suppliers here!

    I will throw in and say Dave's Offroad Supply is among my favorites. Excellent prices, I can always get someone on the phone if I have a question, and they've even called me when I've placed large or unusual orders.
  11. glowell222

    Preparing for JT build

    Search online for how to calculate each.
  12. glowell222

    LED light kit recommendations for 2000 TJ

    I modified the factory flasher module about 4 years ago-quick, easy, and free. Works great. In the video below, skip straight to the two minute mark.
  13. glowell222

    Can I see my oil level and tire pressure with an OBDII scanner?

    The fewer nannies, the better. The last thing I want is my Jeep nagging me.
  14. glowell222

    Frame rot

    I use Cosmoline since the frame swap. It does a great job at corrosion prevention, and I dread the day I have to remove it.
  15. glowell222

    Frame rot

    Agreed. Also, it conveys a false sense of how quickly a frame can be swapped, since the rust isn't nearly as bad. I presume they had a fully stocked parts department when it came to things like bolts/nuts, fuel and brake lines, ground straps, frame clips, and nearly any tool you care to name...
  16. glowell222

    Frame rot

  17. glowell222

    Is there anyway to get a 4.0 to sound good at all?

    An inline 6 with a split exhaust header and dual exhaust is one of the best sounding engines out there.
  18. glowell222

    Engine swap ideas

    I like the V-4200. Would likely fit nicely in a TJ. Cross-flow head, intake on the driver's side, exhaust on the passenger side. A touch lighter than the 4.0. 290hp/280 ft-lbs. 16 valves. You could easily supercharge or turbocharge it. Will likely mate up to a wide variety of transmissions.
  19. glowell222

    Does anyone have the instructions for a Mopar cruise control kit?

    This might be helpful with the wiring.
  20. glowell222

    98 TJ turns over but takes a while to start

    I believe in the FSM there is a procedure to test it. They aren't expensive but on the '98 models, you have to be sure to order the one that has the same shape of connector as your Sahara. Could be squared off, could be rounded off.