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  1. Andymc79

    Children and Wheeling

    I'll echo many of the things mentioned above. Lots of snacks, something to hold their head up when they snooze, some toys to play with (both in the Jeep and outside in the dirt). My boy was a trooper! 30 hrs from Ohio to moab last spring. 2 long days there and back. On the trail days we...
  2. Andymc79

    WTB: '06 Moab Wheels (5)

    Here's another set a bit south of us.
  3. Andymc79

    Blair Rotobroach or Blair Spot Weld Cutter?

    Thanks for removing tunnel vision. Made me think of using for a grommet hole that could have been a bit nicer.
  4. Andymc79

    Blair Rotobroach or Blair Spot Weld Cutter?

    Thanks @L J and @Irun. Was leaning towards these since I only need the 3/8. Also thanks for the cutting lube suggestion!
  5. Andymc79

    Blair Rotobroach or Blair Spot Weld Cutter?

    I'm starting to gather the needed tools for armor install. I've read here about the Blair cutters but noticed there's two styles. Rotobroach set 11090: Spot Weld cutters 11096: For...
  6. Andymc79

    Are these Rubicon shafts?

    Here's my factory long side shaft out of my Rubicon 44. From the outside of the ear: From approximately the center of the u-joint cap:
  7. Andymc79

    FREE 03-06 Raised Gas Tank Skid

    It's a factory mopar skid that's been modified to raise it up 1". Thanks you for the interest but I don't think it would be worth the cost to ship it. Don't know what it would cost as this is big, bulky, and heavy.
  8. Andymc79

    Question for those of you who smoke meat

    Chris, I feel ya! No advice for you other than you're not alone! I have had that same experience a few times. Dino ribs are amazing and pork butts always turn out great, briskets have escaped me so far. Gotta keep trying!
  9. Andymc79

    Indoor propane space heater

    I run something similar to this in NE Ohio. Sometimes it would create condensation if I had it running most of the day. 400 sqft finished garage, not insulated. Got mine at tractor supply I believe.
  10. Andymc79

    Loving the new smoker!

    They are my absolute favorite thing to smoke! Like a brisket lollipop! 🤤 They look so scraggly uncooked then puff up like a marshmallow.
  11. Andymc79

    FREE 03-06 Raised Gas Tank Skid

    If anyone in the NE Ohio area is interested in a 1" raised gas tank skid come pick it up. Might be a bit more than 1" now, the rear flange got a bit bent and the rear, bottom corner has a few dents. Still has lots of smiles left in it! Stainless hardware. Factory tank tie downs included...
  12. Andymc79

    WTB: TJ Rubicon Fender Flares - Textured Black

    I saw these posted near'ish to us. With a little TLC they could be made into good condition.
  13. Andymc79

    Letterkenney final season

    Agree! I saw them do a live stage show a year or two ago. Same thought, their natural humor was great. The skits had funny bits but seemed to rehearsed.
  14. Andymc79

    LED backup lights

    Sent you a message. Thanks!
  15. Andymc79

    Recommended travel trailer brands

    Yep, it definitely isn't any cheaper than doing a hotel trip once you factor in campsites, extra gas, daily rental fee, etc. And like Airbnb experiences, some will likely be great (the family we rented from were amazing and the rv was nearly new) and other could be questionable. I guess Airbnb...
  16. Andymc79

    Recommended travel trailer brands

    Ha! True story!
  17. Andymc79

    Recommended travel trailer brands

    I was going to suggest this also. We rented a class C last year. Was an amazing trip and got us talking about maybe purchasing an rv or trailer. Decided that for $2k or so for a couple week trip to rent yearly, we could repeat for 10+ years (assuming a $20-25k camper) and not have to worry about...
  18. Andymc79

    Show Us Your Garden

    Thanks for the link!
  19. Andymc79

    Show Us Your Garden

    I've made 3 batches of sauce so far. First year doing sauce and definitely won't be the last after tasting it!
  20. Andymc79

    Show Us Your Garden

    Our garden is still out of control too! My wife is tired of all the tomatoes on the counter and trying to find new uses for them 😂