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  1. Jezza

    Stock vs windstar cfm?

    Jerry I'm not going to crap all over the OPs post arguing opinions with you. If you have some real data or facts post them in the other thread, and we can discuss further.
  2. Jezza

    Stock vs windstar cfm?

    What formula are you using? The formula for calculating how much CFM (cubic feet per minute) an engine requires is: CFM = Cubic Inches x RPM x Volumetric Efficiency ÷ 3456 242*5000*.85/3456 equals not 177
  3. Jezza

    Stock vs windstar cfm?

    Besides the data from Wix above that shows the stock filter CFM rated below what the 4.0 can flow stock? Also all this...
  4. Jezza

    Stock vs windstar cfm?

    Completely false and untrue. Proven many times.
  5. Jezza

    Stock vs windstar cfm?

    Wix is the best source of info I have found.
  6. Jezza

    RPMs dip / engine stalls at idle (intermittent)

    Intermittent misfires can be ignition like coil, cap, rotor, wires or plugs. It can also be fuel like low pressure, bad injectors, or bad PCM. It can also be mechanical like a leaking head gasket, bad lifters or a sticking valve. Really too much for the internet to diagnose. I recommend if...
  7. Jezza

    RPMs dip / engine stalls at idle (intermittent)

    If you have a miss the IAC will not work properly. It has preset values that it aims for. Misfires will require more airflow than normal and cause the idle to be low. It's shocking to me how many times folks will fail the IAC, TPS, MAP etc. when there are clearly other issues. I can count...
  8. Jezza

    Heat Soak Theory Question

    These things are prone to high engine bay heat and poor airflow under the hood. The non-crossover head doesn't help either. The DEI kit is good as it keeps the direct heat off the rail and injectors. I think the hood vent helps some as well especially after shutdown and while parked to let...
  9. Jezza

    2.5" exhaust tail pipe clearance issues?

    I have a 3" custom on mine with a Dana 60 rear end. It all fits and doesn't rub, but it has to be just right.
  10. Jezza

    Distributor rebuild, anyone?

    You may check McMaster or other suppliers. Bushings in my experience are seemingly always custom made for the part they are used on. Every time I go to source one they are never the size I need.
  11. Jezza

    Holy moly Batman! Is this how much re-gearing should cost?

    My labor guide says 5.3 hours and at $150 per hour that's $800 + parts and tax or whatever.
  12. Jezza

    Atlas 4-speed gearing

    I would finish your axles first, then determine if you need to change the transfer case.
  13. Jezza

    Jezza's Turbo LJ

    Made some fuel can mounts from some scrap aluminum I had lying around. I am planning a trip in July to do the Rubicon trail from one end to the other and back. I almost ran out of fuel in Big Bend several times so extra fuel storage is a must. I don't like the feeling of running low and...
  14. Jezza

    Speedo Discrepancy

    Is the OBD 2 speed data accurate to the GPS throughout the entire range of speed? If so you may be able to simply pull the needle off the speedometer and put it back on at a fixed speed. Clusters are assembled separate of the vehicle with a tolerance. They sometimes are off by a bit. I have...
  15. Jezza

    Is it worth it to port match the intake manifold when doing head work?

    From what little I know the good port guys will take an old head and segment it on a bandsaw to verify casting thickness and port cross section measurements.
  16. Jezza

    Is it worth it to port match the intake manifold when doing head work?

    There is a lot of experience required to port heads properly. Blending and bowls, short side radius, valve stem area, runner volume... certainly above my pay scale. It is my opinion as well that a few heads would need to be sacrificed to get that figured out. When boost comes into play it...
  17. Jezza

    Is it worth it to port match the intake manifold when doing head work?

    Nice, how much boost? What size turbo? Do you have a build thread?
  18. Jezza

    1000+ Horsepower I6 Jeep Engine

    Definitely some good points here. While 1k hp in a Wrangler might be silly 500 might be fun. If the block is proven to 1k then 500 becomes less of a concern for reliability. Personally I think 300 was a nice spot to stop when I had the TJ. Just enough power to enjoy and still stay reliable...
  19. Jezza

    Front main seal popping out

    I used Permatex 1A.
  20. Jezza

    Front main seal popping out

    The 2.4 is quite different from the 4.0. The 2.4 front seal is part of the oil pump assembly. The oil pump gear rotor is right behind the seal. Oil leaking internally from the high pressure pump combined with blow-by causes the seal to pop out. Some folks will glue them in with a solid...