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    Poll: What Color TJ Do You Own?

    It‘s Khaki, not on the list.……….🙄!
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    What gear ratio for 35 inch tires?

    Totally Agree………👍
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    How often do you lube your TJ and what do you use?

    You could always use these, both water base and silicone base if you choose not to use a lube specifically designed for such a purpose…….!
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    Good M/T tires for driving to trail only

    Lol…….Trust me, they have a few battle scars now!
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    Good M/T tires for driving to trail only

    I’m like you, not a daily driver, my TJ is 95% trail only. For me, you can’t beat Good Year M/TR’s with Kevlar side walls!!!!!
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    How often do you lube your TJ and what do you use?

    WD-40 is NOT a lubricant, it is a water deterrent (WD). If you would be using a WD product (lithium grease, or similar might provide minimal lubricant) but there are many better options to truly lube your vehicle with.
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    How many of you have removed the rear seat and seatbelts?

    Removed it the day I brought it home! I grew up knowing that “REAL” Jeeps come with round head lights, 2-doors, and 2-seats……….period!
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    Which 4" Springs for 35s?

    ^^^^^^^ Totally agree, depending on if your Jeep is loaded heavy, the only thing I’d add is go with LJ springs (4.5”) in the rear.
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    Re-gear vs supercharger vs engine swap for lack of power

    The 4.0L I-6 actually performs better at 3000-4000RPM than it does at 2500. I would not let a higher RPM rev be of much of a concern with the motor.
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    Lubelocker and FelPro (versus RTV) for differential covers?

    LubeLocker for me! As mentioned, you must have a true and clean surface to prevent leaks.
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    Getting bad smell out of cloth seats

    Stop at Wally World, Pets Mart, or Petco, pick up a bottle of Nature’s Miracle. The solution is enzyme activated, meaning it doesn’t cover up the smell, it actually eats it away. There are many other methods that work also, but this is an easy and permanent fix to odor issues!
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    Anybody have any luck with naval jelly / phosphoric acid? Me: not so much.

    Media blast (sand, glass bead, ect.), is best. But solvent application also works. CLR-Rust Evaporator- Navel Jelly, oil, ect. Be careful using an acidic base dissolver, as it can etch metal.
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    Where do I buy a new front driveshaft?

    I second that! 1350s, front and rear!
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    “Little Man” does the San Juan’s

    My wife and I along with our boy (Sid) spent 4 days wheeling the San Juan Mountain area. Fall colors were changing, weather was beautiful and we got to hit the following trails: Imogene/Engineer/Cinnamon/MineralCreek/Poughkeepsie Gulch and did the Alpine Loop in its entirety along with a...
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    Best song to listen to in a TJ?

    Hey, there is another song that referenced a Jeep, cool song. Tell your daughter she taught an old man a new song, I’ll now listen to it when cruising the trails.
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    French TJ

    Looks Nice!
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    Best song to listen to in a TJ?

    In Addition, “Big John”, by Jimmy Dean
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    Best song to listen to in a TJ?

    Being from Colorado, and showing my age, I’ll have to go with the “only” song that I know off had that referenced a Jeep. “Black Bear Road”, by CW McCall…lol!
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    35’s on 17” wheels

    35s on 17s
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    Who changes their own oil here?

    That’s were the shit came from to begin with, the ground. As a kid, I remember going to my uncles ranch in eastern Colorado, they lived on a dirt road, he had a tank hooked up to a tractor with a spray boom attached. When he got enough oil in the tank, he’d drive along the dirt road spraying...