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  1. Ryan L Stone

    At the risk of getting flamed, does anyone use airbags for the rear for weight leveling?

    Air bags increase diameter when inflated and push against the coils. effectively limiting their travel. At no time should they touch at the axle or at the bump stop. They should be centered in the coil. And the air valve goes at the bottom, and is plumbed to a fill valve at the bumper.
  2. Ryan L Stone

    How difficult is it to rebuild a Dana 35?

    It's really not that hard if you do the research, have the tools, and proceed carefully. There are dozens of online tutorials on doing it properly, and they often overlap. Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need, and make you some setup bearings for both pinion and carrier.
  3. Ryan L Stone

    Should I upgrade my Dana 35 axle?

    Nailed the difference in the surface hardening alloy. It might also be noted that the 4340 is fine for front D30s, but Dana 35 bearings ride directly on the shaft, and cause the axle to flex. It's this flexion that causes non-concentric torque, and causes brittle 4340 axles to fail. 1541H axles are...