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  1. Chris S

    For all of us with two wheels also

    I posted this previously, but Ive redone the GSXR and I've made it look less squidly and more appealing; and now it matches by dads duc!
  2. Chris S

    1997 Wrangler TJ tub-off restoration build

    That TJ looks practically brand new. Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but have you decided on which bumpers you are going with or will you be sourcing some stock bumpers in the meantime?
  3. Chris S

    TJ's TJ

    Watching threads like these makes me want to tear my jeep down and start spending more money on it haha
  4. Chris S

    TJ's TJ

    I looked farther back in this thread and couldn't tell if it was mentioned, but I dig that little jeep grill on the valve cover!
  5. Chris S

    TJ's TJ

    X2 to that!!
  6. Chris S

    Project status: Spark-plug delete

    I dig the yellow wheels on the blue TJ
  7. Chris S

    Peters Mill Trail Run

    Im not sure if it is the same as the Rescue Green, although it seems similar to my eyes but it was called Citron Pearl on the TJs Im also not sure how long it was offered for the TJs
  8. Chris S

    Peters Mill Trail Run

    Thanks! I get tons of compliments on the color all the time and actually got several just on the trail this weekend Ive only seen a couple other TJs with this color before but it seems to be pretty rare
  9. Chris S

    Peters Mill Trail Run

    I did not have to air down, however I probably should have just for comforts sake. It was really bouncy with how rocky some parts of the trail are so I should have aired down.
  10. Chris S

    Peters Mill Trail Run

    Did some trail riding (Peters Mill Run) in the Blue Ridge mountains yesterday with a buddy in his 4runner It was a lot of fun even though the little TJ was barely challenged There was also a cheap truck challenge going on with AWD Bmws and volvos and subarus and minivans that were going down...
  11. Chris S

    Taking a knee conversations

    I agree that it is their right to protest, as protected, however like previously mentioned when in an athletic or professional setting, where you are representing your country, such as with the recent kneeling of Race Imboden at the Pan American Games, you are not entitled to protest in such a...
  12. Chris S

    Preferred A/T tire for mostly on-road use?

    Im currently running 265/75r16 Yokohama Geolander A/Ts and though they dont look as aggressive as others, they perform really well and make for great on road use. I took them to kentucky, in mud and rocks and creeks and they didnt lose traction except for when it was like 6inches of slushy mud...
  13. Chris S

    Mini Jeepin

    Whoops, my bad, i think I fixed it now
  14. Chris S

    Mini Jeepin

    Im not sure if this belongs in offtopic or not, especially since this is supposed to be a little TJ, but heres me at about 3 years old, after going to a Camp jeep, playing with my little powerwheels jeep tj Anyway, just thought you guys would find this interesting/funny
  15. Chris S

    High travel, high clearance & high octane, a streetable adventure LJ story

    I love that front bumper! Are you going to have it powdercoated or anything, or leave it as is?
  16. Chris S

    Found this atrocity on marketplace today

    I think the worst part of the way it looks is the stupid window line, If they had either done all full doors or all half with a shorter half like the YJ that was posted above it wouldve looked infinitely better. However it looks too long too and is probably not practical whatsoever
  17. Chris S

    AC Compressor died

    My 97 Sport was blowing cold last week and then all of sudden its just blowing air from the outside. I tried to recharge the AC and it just acted like there was no pressure. It was an older bottle/gauge of the AC Pro stuff though so Im not sure if that would attribute to anything like that...
  18. Chris S

    Dirt Bike Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, Youre absolutely right about it being brittle, I personally would not buy another ttr225 but Im sure, just like every other bike, theres a time and a place for it. Im looking at a 2001 KTM 250sx tomorrow, it needs a little work, but Im willing to get my...
  19. Chris S

    Dirt Bike Suggestions?

    I dont have any pictures right now, but Ive been riding my 2001 Yamaha TTR225 and my dads WR450F around my farm, and I have taken the 450 to motocross tracks a couple times to ride. However the TTR, which is my bike, isnt really built for that and is honestly too heavy for the woods. Any...
  20. Chris S

    The unfortunate JKU & JLU of the day thread

    Not sure if its already been posted, but heres a TJ that desperately wants to be one of these JKs/JLs Absolutely terrible, the only thing this guy has going for him is that hes Tom Bostic and is good at making HKs