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  1. Paul Schuepp

    If you had $100-$200.....

    we're talking jeep TJ here..... make a new thread, what if I had $3000? then we're talking some goodf stuff like axles
  2. Paul Schuepp

    Can an MML eliminate the need for a SYE?

    Guys, friends, an SYE is so amazing to smooth out your vibes on a higher lift, in my case 3.5". Tummy tuck then was easy. Tom Woods personally will give you excellent advice and instruction and sell you the SYE and crank shaft. Peace of mind.
  3. Paul Schuepp

    Chopped JK... yes, they continue to get uglier

    The ugly decorated and painted JK has nothing to do with JK's being ugly. That thing is obviously a marketing gimick to catch your attention. The build on this JK might be pretty cool. Not sure why it does not have a good bumper. Regarding the design I think the angry eyes are stupid, and I...
  4. Paul Schuepp

    What should I do next? Broke after purchasing wheels.

    Your jeep looks awesome. I agree someone said fender flares... Bushwacker's are nice and clean and changes your look, makes the Jeep look a little more jacked up. Then consider bigger tires....go 35..... more off road aggressive. Keep at it until you spend more on the add ons than the...
  5. Paul Schuepp

    How many of you think you'll have your TJ for life?

    Yes for life... The day I can't climb into my TJ with 6"lift on 35s is the day you can put me out to pasture. Every year I pledge to do something significant to make it more fun. Had the 04 since 2010. This year she got a mega short sye plus Tom wood drive shaft. She runs solid and awesome...
  6. Paul Schuepp

    Suspension Recommendations

    BDS 3.5 lift included new springs, some control arms, brackets for axles.... been great very solid, then I put JKS aluminum pucks and matching engine lift to keep shifting linkage aligned for another 1.25" and run 35" tires. I like it. Oh, had to put on an adjustable JKS front lower control...
  7. Paul Schuepp

    Jeep Wrangler TJ won't start? Read this!

    OK guys.... I experienced yet another no start situation after solving bad starter and bad battery. Turn the key and maybe hear a click but nothing happening. Check other electronics, like windshield wipers not working? Ah ha.... it was the ignition starter switch which has a actuator pin...
  8. Paul Schuepp

    Saying hi

    welcome Blank.... I just drew a blank. oh yea, I like the matching yellow winch hook to your fog covers. no need to bathe her, like em dirty. and she is you have a wheel spacer kit installed?
  9. Paul Schuepp

    Things you LIKE about TJs

    hey, you can fix the death wobble, you can minimize the vibes, you should carry some rain gear... ha
  10. Paul Schuepp

    Things you LIKE about TJs

    agree with all of the above..... plus I never worry about getting dinged in the doors in a parking lot, or no worries about scratches when it lays on it's side by slipping into a ditch, and how others stay away from me in parallel parking for fear of my bumpers. I even got hit once by someone...
  11. Paul Schuepp

    Let's check out all the douchey grilles you can get for your JK

    if you can get the eyes to blink, or wink, now that would be cool (or stupid)
  12. Paul Schuepp

    Let's check out all the douchey grilles you can get for your JK

    cross between darth vadar, resting bitch face and look so gangster
  13. Paul Schuepp

    Is it possible to get better fuel economy from a Jeep Wrangler TJ?

    most JK drivers don't appreciate the Wrangler, and some our snobs. It's weird. Not all, but some... most?
  14. Paul Schuepp

    Is it possible to get better fuel economy from a Jeep Wrangler TJ?

    My 04 6 cyl., 35" tires, 4.88 gears, in winter, Bank free flow aircleaner, gets 12 to 13. That's not that bad for what it is... a great freakin' Jeep! I use it as a daily driver, but admit for long trips if I don;t need the Jeep part, I use my TDI VW. :)
  15. Paul Schuepp

    What did you give up/sell/trade to get your TJ?

    Wife gave me a stock 2004 TJ X as 60th present in 2010..... since then spent more on it than original purchase. Wife says it's the gift that keeps on giving. :)
  16. Paul Schuepp

    Feed back on the Wrangler hood sticker

    like this.... creative. Maybe I should call her "Goat"
  17. Paul Schuepp

    Feed back on the Wrangler hood sticker

    4.0L 5 speed Dana44 Lockers ..... sounds kind of weird! but is great
  18. Paul Schuepp

    Feed back on the Wrangler hood sticker

    yes, agree. I'm still on the fence. Your TJ is pretty and shinny!
  19. Paul Schuepp

    Feed back on the Wrangler hood sticker

    thanks for point of view. yea.... I guess I'm explicitly bragging about Wrangler to the public that has no clue. hmmm.
  20. Paul Schuepp

    Should I upgrade my Dana 35 axle?

    Same question on a 35" tire and lifted rig. I have replaced the rear Dana 35 with a Dana 44 4.88 gears, love it. But, my front axle is Dana 30. Do you think installed chromoly axle shafts on the Dana 30 front is enough for 35" tires?