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  1. rouxbicon

    Towing a U-Haul Trailer

    Also, for the OP, no UHaul trailer has electric brakes. Smaller UHauls have no brakes, and larger ones have hydraulic surge brakes. So no need for the 7-pin and brake controller mentioned in the 1st post, unless you want them for future towing.
  2. rouxbicon

    Savvy 1.25 inch body lift questions

    The Savvy is a good choice for a 1.25” BL. The acetol version from Black Magic Brakes would also be a good choice, as both were designed by the same person. The parts circled in the picture are extensions for the OEM grille snubbers. Most have found, including myself , that these are easily...
  3. rouxbicon

    Dana 44 OEM Cover

    TJ Rubicons OEM diff covers are front/rear specific, with the front having a lower fill plug than the rear. The OP’s pic looks like it could be an OEM front cover.
  4. rouxbicon

    You're Not The Only One (A Thread About Fails)

    A couple of years ago I replaced the radiator hoses and heater hoses as a pre-emptive maintenance measure. If I count right, that's 8 constant-tension hose clamps to put back in place before refilling with coolant and going for a test drive. In baseball a 0.875 batting average would be...
  5. rouxbicon

    48 years ago

    I was on vacation in the Michigan UP about 5-6 years ago, and visited the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point. i.e. "the searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay..."
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    '04 Rubicon axle gear oil, Is friction modifier necessary?

    Despite what the tag says, the TJ Rubicon OEM rear diff does not require friction modifier, since the limited slip function is a helical gear type, not clutch based. They apparently just used the same axle tag that was used on D44s with clutch-based l/s diffs, and did not produce Rubicon...
  7. rouxbicon

    Replacing front axle seals, installing new hubs and bearings, and replacing the front hub u-joints.

    Totally agree on no aftermarket axle tube seals, but a differing opinion on the “real” axle seals. With the shafts already out, I think I would pop the diff cover off, pull the carrier, and replace the (possibly 24 yr-old) seals. Unless he knows that they have been replaced relatively recently.
  8. rouxbicon

    Another re-gear thread: 2004 TJ 4.0 with 31" tires

    regarding your comment about gas mileage appears to be unchanged, did you do any sort of speedometer/odometer correction after the gear install?
  9. rouxbicon

    Rear view mirror question

    Agree... No success for me with the pars store stuff, but an auto glass shop did it no charge and it's stayed put for years now.
  10. rouxbicon

    Auto Dimming Mirror / Compass / Temp Wiring

    I had the prewired harness under the defrost vent, but with only the standard rearview mirror. I got a used auto-dimming/compass/temp mirror (with the necessary additional wiring harness) from Davey's Jeeps. Don't remember what I paid, but I thought it was not unreasonable at the time, and it...
  11. rouxbicon

    Matching Gear Ratios

    I'll bet what you're seeing on your window sticker is a list of all standard equipment for any base model TJ with the 4.0. Many individual items of the standard equipment list can be and often are superseded by various individual options and option packages. In your case the 3.07 axle ratio...
  12. rouxbicon

    Car pics too cool not to share

    had to snap a quick phone pic (sorry, Zorba) when I saw this guy stopped at a traffic light, apparently out running Saturday morning errands...just like I was, except his car was way cooler...
  13. rouxbicon

    Milwaukee tire inflater

    And how fast it can do that... I have the 20v Dewalt version (probably very comparable), and while it is in fact very convenient for topping off tires, my single test of airing up my 33s from 9 psi to 26 psi convinced me it would be painfully slow for that purpose on a regular basis. A fair...
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    Did our TJs ever come with a vinyl steering wheel? '03 it was apparently standard on Rubicons, Saharas, and Sports
  15. rouxbicon

    Did our TJs ever come with a vinyl steering wheel?

    dug up my '03 sales brochure...
  16. rouxbicon

    Did our TJs ever come with a vinyl steering wheel?

    Pretty sure the leather steering wheel was a package or trim level thing. I think all Saharas and Rubicons came with leather wheels, maybe some of the other trim packages (Rocky Mountain, Columbia, etc). Probably no SEs came with leather wheels, unless it was a stand-alone option.
  17. rouxbicon

    Let's talk about positive Jeep parts suppliers here!

    I was just about to bring up, by reputation only. Fortunately I haven't had any PCM issues with my '03, but if that were to happen, based solely on Mark's reputation on this forum, I see no need for Google or looking anywhere else for help than Wranglerfix.
  18. rouxbicon

    Rubicon Stock Speedometer Tire Size

    I read reports on various forums back in the day that suggested '03 and '04 Rubicons read a little high, and my own experience agreed. My '03 was about 4% high from the factory, or about 3 mph high at 70. That moved to about 5% or 6% as the tires wore, about 4 mph high at 70. (I got 60k out of...
  19. rouxbicon

    Diagnosing TJ after 2.5 inch Rancho lift kit install

    True, if no body lift is installed. But a 1" or 1.25" body lift has been suggested to help clear the 33" tires with only a 2.5" suspension lift, and the body lift would eliminate the need to monkey with the fan shroud
  20. rouxbicon

    Diagnosing TJ after 2.5 inch Rancho lift kit install

    Agree with the mml (motor mount lift.). The vibrations described are likely due to rear driveshaft angles. A mml may ease those angles enough to eliminate the vibes. And since 2.5 inches of lift really isn’t enough for 33s, a 1” (or better yet a 1.25” Savvy) body lift would give a little extra...