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    What's the best thing you've bought for your Jeep under $100?

    LED bulbs for the interior floor and overhead light
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    New Member and a Thank You

    Nice TJ, welcome!
  3. TWiG01

    New Member in Maine

    Welcome and good luck with the search!
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    New member in Texas

    Welcome to the forum! Good luck with it
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    Lacking interest

    There’s definitely some frame corrosion that probably turned people off, but it’s certainly Not “toast”. It may need some safe-t-cap repair in the future, but it’s definitely salvageable from what I can tell in the pictures. I’d be willing to bet the trans mount/skid plate bolt Holes are pretty...
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    What was your first Jeep?

    My TJ was my first Jeep and then because I sold it to a family member, it was also my second.
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    Here is my TJ!

    Nice Jeep and welcome to the forum! I’m on the opposite end of the color spectrum
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    Car pics too cool not to share

    It would be awesome to see all three together again restored
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    Looking for direction on wheel choice

    Those are just funky looking at that angle
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    Super 35 Cost

    Thanks for the breakdown. The e-locker was a solid choice!
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    What Would You Do? Bad Rear Diff - 1999 TJ Sport - Dana 35 - 3.07

    If one’s available and affordable, why not
  12. TWiG01

    What Would You Do? Bad Rear Diff - 1999 TJ Sport - Dana 35 - 3.07

    Agree with above. Perfect time to swap in a whole new rear. Ideally, a Dana 44
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    Death Wobble

    Only happen with bumps or at a specific speed? If it’s a specific speed your tires more than likely need a rebalance
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    Hello Fellow TJ'ers

    Welcome to the forum! I grew up in Shamong
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    Why did this take so long?

    Welcome to the forum and post some pics when you find one!
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    Random photos: Got anything interesting, unique, strange?

    Saw this at work today. Enough Fluid Film for the entire forum!
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    98 Jeep Wrangler TJ

    If it’s turning over fine, check the basics. Air, spark, fuel. Welcome to the forum
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    New member in CT

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Impulsive purchase - zero regrets

    Very nice! Welcome
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    Introduction and more

    Nice trade, welcome to the forum!