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  1. Sancho

    John Wick 3

    I like to pretend John w Wick eventually retires from being a professional hitman, goes back to school, majors in computer science... and uses an online name of Neo. The rest is history.
  2. Sancho

    They really dropped the ball on Game of Thrones season 8

    Prediction: Jon stabs dany again.. this time with a dagger. Tyrion and sansa setup a government.. but sansa takes it for herself or has Bran as king while she pulls strings. Literally, Cuz bran is a talking tree at this point. Jon goes north and pets ghost.. because he forgot to pet ghost...
  3. Sancho

    They really dropped the ball on Game of Thrones season 8

    Last night was okay at best. Better than the rest of the episodes in the series. Kind of interesting, how Cersei goes out with everything figuratively and literally falling down on her. My biggest criticism overall, is how Dany loses a dragon, with 3 accurate miracle shots, in a clear day...
  4. Sancho

    They really dropped the ball on Game of Thrones season 8

    :) I have plot armor thicker than jon snow's as he runs bare foot north of the wall! I fear no man's bitching! On the other hand... it would of been well deserved, no idea why I thought you were associated with that company. Doh.
  5. Sancho

    They really dropped the ball on Game of Thrones season 8

    Let's have a competition. Everyone make a prediction on how it ends.. Closest prediction wins an angry bird grill. Or a metal cloak gift card. What's that? Mr.Blaine said he will throw in a set of Black Magic Brakes!
  6. Sancho

    Experience with Rock Krawler 2 inch Lift Kit

    For that price... I would go with this Currie kit. https://dpgoffroad.com/product/currie-suspension-kits-for-tj-wrangler/
  7. Sancho

    Maryland 2.5 Lift for Jeep TJ $380 obo

    Dirk says both light and heavy lift you 2.5.
  8. Sancho

    Useless mods / snake oil

    Idk about that. I read somewhere recently that they all survived. ;)
  9. Sancho

    Useless mods / snake oil

    I like this. It makes me feel good. Therefore, I decree, your rumor as FACT. Fun fact: The I6 engine survived government genocide.
  10. Sancho

    TJ Forum Trip to Gunshot Creek?

    Look up justruns.com. You can copy that meetup format.
  11. Sancho

    Smittybilt strikes again

    Proud to say.. never joined.. never will.
  12. Sancho

    Stubborn door locks

    I have had this problem for a few years.. it is intermittent. I haven't gotten around to fixing it tho. Also.. graphite might be a better lube.
  13. Sancho

    TJ in fatal Colorado crash

    My comment was to to Luke'sfirstjeep. Not making any judgements. Just explaining that the changes he see's, especially with non English speakers, is probably due to an loosening of NAFTA by the previous admin. Good and bad things came from that decision.
  14. Sancho

    TJ in fatal Colorado crash

    Not being political at all.. but this may explain your experiences. The previous administration expanded NAFTA allowing Mexcian truck drivers to drive further into the interior of the US. Rather than stopping at a designated lot to switch out. Pros and cons to that decision.
  15. Sancho

    When wheeling goes wrong

    Judging by his helmet.. he probably parked the jeep in a wash and went biking for a bit. Came back and a flash flood came thru. Flash floods are a danger in the south west. I guess the dam in the background may of released some water to lower the levels.
  16. Sancho

    Iowa Left Overs For Trade

    I can throw in some zip ties.😀
  17. Sancho

    Iowa Left Overs For Trade

    I can trade you a khaki metallic soft top, brand new in box for the lights. All 3 windows too, but those are in bad shape. Will keep water out, but need restoration to see out of. Good for wheeling
  18. Sancho

    Shopping for a 3 inch lift

    @BobK , I am in the same boat as you. Here a couple suggestions: Check dpg offroad and look at the ome kits, there are 3 to consider that meet your criteria... ranging from 900 to 1400. Also see Rubicon Express kits on the same site. 3in lifts will land you in the same range as above...
  19. Sancho

    Lift kit install advice needed

    I was talking about the relocation brackets, based off his link... *I see I replied to the wrong post! I assume installing the adjustable trackbar is even easier.
  20. Sancho

    Lift kit install advice needed

    I believe they are easy. I haven't done them yet, but will very soon and have been researching the install. Extreme terrain has an installation video, and on the zone 4.25 instructions, it is a 2 step process. Basically mount and drill a hole.