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  1. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    We you with Victor and I the year his buddy busted his JK on Chewy? Seems I’m always draggin’ rigs off of that trail… 🙂
  2. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    Really? 😉
  3. NashvilleTJ

    Woodrow's 97 Green TJ Moderate Build

    Nice work, Woodrow.
  4. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    You can always go back the way you come in… 😬
  5. NashvilleTJ

    All things welding

    I am a hack weldor, but I am a world class grinder!
  6. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    OK - I'm in. Coming in on Sunday the 9th and leaving on Saturday the 15th. Staying in town. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  7. NashvilleTJ

    Need Longer Parking Brake Cables

    I use these Willwood universal cables from Summit: Cut them to the length you need - worked fine for me.
  8. NashvilleTJ

    LS swap: which gauges should I use?

    Search for: "Why in the hell did I install this weak engine???" :)
  9. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Official TJ Fest 2024

    X2. Keith is a great trail leader. And he and his wife are good people.
  10. NashvilleTJ

    Anybody up for a random meme dump?

    CIO: 7 🙂
  11. NashvilleTJ

    Car pics too cool not to share

    At 15, my first car love was a mustard yellow Triumph Spitfire. I wanted one for my first car. Found one, had the money, and wanted to buy it. My parents said no. It was too small and looked unsafe. During the discussion, my mom said to me, “Have you ever thought about a Jeep?” True story...
  12. NashvilleTJ

    What did you do to your TJ today?

    My name is NashvilleTJ, and I approve of this paint job. 🙂
  13. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    Ahhhh, Jeremy might have something to say about that…☺️
  14. NashvilleTJ

    Utah Moab 2024 JuneFest 9th-15th

    It’s one of my favorite trails. Worth doing if you have not done it before. Both High Dive and White Knuckle are optional. @JMT ran it with me last year.
  15. NashvilleTJ


    Oh no, I live in those Merrill Moabs….🫣 Now I need to find a new shoe.
  16. NashvilleTJ

    TJs in beautiful places

    That is the tallest stinger I’ve ever seen! 😉
  17. NashvilleTJ

    Car pics too cool not to share

    She’s real fine…
  18. NashvilleTJ

    Jezza's Turbo LJ

    You effectively need to pay a license fee to HP Tuners for every individual ECU to which you connect for the purpose of loading a tune. I believe you can data log without a license - but I’m not certain.
  19. NashvilleTJ

    All things welding

    What’s the difference between dross and slag?
  20. NashvilleTJ

    DJ's TJ: Low and Slow

    That is just beautiful fab work, Dude. I’ve always wanted to get into aluminum TIG. You inspire me in that regard. One thing to be aware of is that the CFM ratings on some electric fans can be deceiving. Many cheaper fan manufacturers advertise big CFM, but are rated at zero static pressure...