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  1. PCO6

    Paint prep tips for a full paint job?

    Masking all of those stickers on the back side of your tailgate isn't going to be easy! lol Seriously … nice work. (y)
  2. PCO6

    Paint prep tips for a full paint job?

    Ooops ... double post.
  3. PCO6

    Replacement Seats for Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Currently they do not. This summer I will be installing a new pair of seats (same type) that I have put heaters into and will design a handle, cable system or whatever I need to make them operate as original. I kind of roughed it out when I did the original install and it shouldn't be too hard.
  4. PCO6

    Need a Good Pop Rivet Tool

    I have that riveter too and, among other things, it's been very good for fastening 1/8" think aluminum panels to a few trailers that I've built. There better industrial units like it but for the money, they are great for the needs of most hobbiests.
  5. PCO6

    Bedliner recommendation

    I looked into various DIY products. Many of them seemed pretty good … it was the DIY part I didn't like. For the additional cost I went with Linex for my Comanche and am very happy with the results. I paid $500 CDN plus an additional $100 for UV protection (so about $450 US). The basic...
  6. PCO6

    To each their own

    I pass by a YJ Renegade not far from here on a regular basis. It looks like the one the OP posted and appears to be stock. The guy has a regular YJ too. For me it's one of those vehicles that you like to see , especially in stock condition, but don't want to own. I kind of appreciate the...
  7. PCO6

    Replacement TJ wiring harness?

    I bought a few harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring many years ago ( http://www.riwire.com/ ). They specialized in harnesses and supplies for older cars but they may be able to help you out. As an aside, I met a guy who built his own wiring harness for an MGA. He did a very good job ...
  8. PCO6

    Painting my LJ

    I used to paint cars and parts I restored back in the '70s & '80s. I never did one all in one shot, they were always done in pieces and never in what I would consider good surroundings. I shot laquers and acrylic enamels and usually buffed out the body panels. I stopped at about the time...
  9. PCO6

    Will I Regret Selling Hardtop?

    That seems odd. Do you know why that is? Maybe they think without a hardtop you're having too much fun to be paying attention to your trailering! lol I've trailered many times with my top down and for some reason I can't explain it feels kind of neat.
  10. PCO6

    Will I Regret Selling Hardtop?

    The original owner of my LJ purchased it without the optional hardtop and all that goes with it (dashboard switches, wring harness, hoses, double pump washer bottle, etc.). I bought it from the second owner who lived in a town about an hour away. He tracked down a used hardtop and funny...
  11. PCO6

    Need help with stock jeep TJ 2004 towing set up

    Welcome to the forum. I've towed my 4'x8' utility trailer many times with my '03 TJ that is basically stock and have had no problems at all. They have a 2,000 lb. towing capacity and you should be fine. Duratracs are a good choice. I have them on 3 Jeeps and tow with each of them. They...
  12. PCO6

    Canadian Gas Cost

    "On paper" it might look like Canadians are paid more but there are a lot of factors (exchange rate, cost of living, etc.) that would suggest we don't or are more or less even. One way of looking at it is to compare our tax freedom dates. It varies from Province to Province and no doubt from...
  13. PCO6

    Canadian Gas Cost

    Canada is quickly moving away from the tax and spend left. Another Provincial left leaning government fell last night which makes it 2 in one week (Prince Edward Island & Alberta). The Federal Conservatives along with Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick all oppose the...
  14. PCO6

    Door storage

    I made a door dolly out of plywood and 2x4's & 6's. I use nylon straps to hold the doors against the dolly and cover everything with a moving blanket. I use it for my full and half doors and it's nice to be able to wheel it up to my Jeep when changing from one set to the other.
  15. PCO6

    YJ half doors: Do they fit on a TJ

    The windshield on a YJ is at a steeper angle than a TJ by about 4* so although it would close you'd have a large wind/rain gap. If you're using YJ lower hard doors you can modify a set of TJ uppers to fit. It requires that you cut the rear most mounting peg and reposition/reweld it to fit...
  16. PCO6

    If Jeep made a dirt bike or motorcycle?

    I'm pretty sure it would look like this ...
  17. PCO6

    Replacement Seats for Jeep Wrangler TJ

    Thanks. It was quite easy to do. I basically stripped a few minor parts off of the bottoms of the Hyundai seats (seat belt wiring, a few metal tabs, etc.) and bolted the Hyundai seats and sliders right to the brackets I made (2nd pic). I also had to remove a bit of the plastic trim on the...
  18. PCO6

    Any advice on installing full doors?

    I disabled the interior door lock buttons of my half doors. I often lock my half doors. Because the internal locks do not function a thief can't reach in and open the door. If he can't open the door he can't steal them.
  19. PCO6

    Fixing minor cracks in door panels?

    I cut a small strip of sheet metal (about 1"x3") and hand formed it to the shape of the door panel. I used J-B KwikWeld to fasten it to the back side of the panel. A small bit oozed through and I smoothed it out to fill in the crack on the front side of the panel.
  20. PCO6

    Show us your off-road trailer setup!

    Thanks! It's the first time they "met" so to speak. I made various measurements and figured they'd be good together. The trailer will grow a bit after I put a new axle and tires under it and add racks for kayaks and bikes.