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  1. Squatch

    Broken Spring

    Looks like a rear brake shoe return spring, though not one from a TJ. Why it would be up where you found it is a mystery...
  2. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    As they're inside the axle housing, they shouldn't be getting wet (water). If you are able to get water inside the housing, you're going to have all sorts of issues arise, I would think.
  3. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    Somebody discovered the all-powerful "edit" button!!! :ROFLMAO:
  4. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    Truly Ms. Fonda's best work! So much better than her trip to Vietnam...:rolleyes:
  5. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    We can tell the relationship is new by your reference to her being a V6. She's an I-6. Just be glad it was us that caught you in this little mistake, and not her!;)
  6. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    Here we go... @JMT showing off his rear end again. Shameless! ;)
  7. Squatch

    Barbara Sylvanas do it all build

    Hey, @Classic>New, I'll get you some more info on the drum brake D44 that I still have for sale a little later on in the evening. And btw, I appreciate the kind words that you and @JMT had regarding me. Made my day!(y)
  8. Squatch

    Any precautions to take while welding TJ frame?

    Thank you for sharing that link. I read it, and forwarded it to my home e-mail address. Also shared it with a coworker who just bought his first welder. Again, thank you for that!
  9. Squatch

    Anyone know what's going on with Savvy Offroad?

    I thought @psrivats had a Dirtworx bumper without the hoop?
  10. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    True on the Mustang II IFS being a '74 design, though they have played with it a bit over the stock configuration through the years. They now can be had with R&P instead of a box, and without strut rods, for example. The kits can get pretty high-end, and are still the number one choice of street...
  11. Squatch

    An IFS Wrangler TJ? A fascinating read

    Li’l Blue: the amazing independent-suspension Jeep Wrangler experiment
  12. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    Fat Man Fabrication, Heidts, and a number of other street rod oriented establishments offer Mustang II IFS kits that are commonplace in the street rod world. Some are even bolt-in applications. You might consider investigating something like that, though the general cost for such a kit would...
  13. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    The air bag suspension (rear only, by the way) was standard on the Lincoln Town Car, and optional on the Ford Crown Victoria. I believe it was also optional on the Mercury Grand Marquis, and not standard equipment like it was on the Lincoln. The air bags are starting to show signs of...
  14. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    Actually, I got all "Thurston Howell III", and bought a Lincoln Town Car. I did consider running the plain steel wheels and a push bar on it, though...;)
  15. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    I was only familiar with this information because I own one, and I always research the fool out of anything I own, or plan to own. Mine is an '03, and the changes to the suspension and steering were quite drastic when compared to the previous years.
  16. Squatch

    Does this Jeep do anything for you?

    Track Width, Front (in) 62.8 @mrblaine, if you look up "Panther platform", you'll find all kinds of info. It's Ford's Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car. I do know that the 2003 and up (to 2011) had rack and pinion...
  17. Squatch

    Let's see your front bumpers!

    @Baltimoreed, those are the stock TJ fog lights on his rig. Looks like he's got some aftermarket clear lenses in the fenders. They look great on a silver rig, don't they?
  18. Squatch

    Can this marriage be saved?

    You're so funny, thinking you'd get the house... :ROFLMAO:
  19. Squatch

    One million miles in a Honda

    I'll see your million mile Honda, and raise you a 3 million mile Volvo... He has done it! - Irv Gordon reaches 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo 1800S This gentleman ultimately went 3.2 million miles in his Volvo, before passing away in November of 2018.
  20. Squatch

    Hello all

    Well, when it comes to making your first TJ/LJ purchase, you sure did it right! An LJR is the dream of many on this forum, and yours sure sounds like a beauty with that kind of mileage. Love your bumper sticker, btw: "Because 1/3 of the Planet is Dirt". Perfect! Welcome aboard!