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  1. liquidfluidity

    WTB: Dana 35 3.07 rear diff

    Ever get what you needed? I will be pulling a front and rear end soon. D30/35 3.07. Free for pick up
  2. liquidfluidity

    WTB: Adjustable Rear Sway Bar Links

    Still looking.....
  3. liquidfluidity

    $20 door hangers

    What are the dimensions of these plates ? I have a fabricator at work who is great with things like this and a whole lot more ;)
  4. liquidfluidity

    Any precautions to take while welding TJ frame?

    I did not read the link but from what I have read, Bra-kleen has two formulas. I believe the red is the original and the green is the non-chlorinated version. After using the original version - chlorine gas is created when welding
  5. liquidfluidity

    Adjusting rear seat height

    Tagged - I am also looking for a way to lift my rear seat an inch or two but I really don't want to modify or drill into the tub. Can the method used in 03 and up be applied to 02 and older?
  6. liquidfluidity

    Any precautions to take while welding TJ frame?

    Don't use brake cleaner on anything about to be welded either. Toxic fumes
  7. liquidfluidity

    Accelerator Pedal Knocking

    I am all over this except mine is the brake pedal. I thought I broke one of my shocks in half the first time I heard this. It turned out to be my brake pedal. I can put my foot under it and it doesn't happen. I did some hunting, and as was stated, the bushings are worn on both sides. I may see...
  8. liquidfluidity

    Can I remove or reduce transfer case drop with body lift & MML?

    My run down for the OP - 1. BrownDog 1" MML 2. Daystar 1" body lift 3. OME ZJ/LJ springs I was really hoping to defeat the need for SYE. As it sits, I gained over 3" in the front and over 2 in the rear. The front has a nice stance just a hair higher than the rear and handling is excellent...
  9. liquidfluidity

    What is this and should it be leaking?

    Day two of the week and I needed a good laugh. Thanks! ;)
  10. liquidfluidity

    Florida Parting out 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ (lifted, Dana 44, 33s, rust free)

    I may have a soundbar for you. PM me what you're looking to spend.
  11. liquidfluidity

    Harbor Freight Roadshock LED Lights

    Not to side track this but I spoke ti the people at Lowes , now carrying Craftsman here since Sears closed, they're bring Craftsman back to the USA and building two new plants here. 👍
  12. liquidfluidity

    Florida Parting out 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ (lifted, Dana 44, 33s, rust free)

    What's the interior color? I may also be interested in the center bezel along with some other parts....
  13. liquidfluidity

    Seat cover suggestions

    Ditto - good fit and great wear!
  14. liquidfluidity

    Harbor Freight Roadshock LED Lights

    Subbed for future outcome. Been thinking about a different set myself. I have two sets of stock fogs but I just don't like them so they are going to take a trip and I'm going to invest in a nice LED pair,
  15. liquidfluidity

    How much lift does my TJ have?

    I second the above guess ;)
  16. liquidfluidity

    Hood Vent

    Are your grill inserts all aluminum or just the center sections? I have been thinking about getting some with a different center but most that I have seen are plastic or partially plastic.
  17. liquidfluidity

    Highline or Lift?

    My avatar - 33s, 2.5" OME Lj/ZJ springs, 1" body lift. I was using Skyjacker Hydros but decided to try stock JKU shocks. The JK shocks are nice but have a bit more body roll than I'd like so I may give the Hydros another shot as I think that they were just getting broke in.... In the end I will...
  18. liquidfluidity

    Hardtop Leak Question(s)

    Wow! And the crowd goes silent.......
  19. liquidfluidity

    Maryland 2.5 Lift for Jeep TJ $380 obo

    I am also running 33's on OME springs. I am using the LJ/ZJ kit and also have a 1" body lift. They seem to yield consistent heights across the board. My jeep is very light right now but will be getting some armor, bumpers, and most likely a winch.