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  1. AWayne

    Stuck in Open Loop, failed PCM? Help?

    Hey watch it there buddy! Once I find my good overalls and my shine I'll same day deliver a 55 gallon drum of whoop ass! 😂 But yeah I don't see many other things it could be. Where my 2000 is somewhat of an odd ball with the single cat/ 2 oxygen sensors.. should i order for a 99? My...
  2. AWayne

    Stuck in Open Loop, failed PCM? Help?

    Will do. Thanks.
  3. AWayne

    Stuck in Open Loop, failed PCM? Help?

    Alright, need some advice. Here's the situation. Vehicle: 2000 Wrangler 4.0, manual transmission. Federal emission. One O2 sensor before the single catalytic converter, one after. Situation: For a few months now I've had an issue with my Jeep at idle. After warming up to full operating temp...
  4. AWayne

    Painting factory side steps?

    Anybody had any luck painting their factory side steps? I don't want to go through the effort if nothing holds up well. Putting mine back on since the lift. I'd seen a thread from a while ago with no good results, just curious if anything has changed since then. They aren't terrible, but I...
  5. AWayne

    Oil Center / Lake Cumberland WMA

    Logging my first "trail" for onX. Oil Center via Ringgold Road. Lake Cumberland Ky, north of Somerset. Mostly gravel, some good water crossings though. Most of the the area currently closed due to active hunting season. Main road is still a short good drive. The first water crossing is...
  6. AWayne

    Time to be a real Jeep!

    OME 2 inch springs, JKS disconnects front and back, RC Winch plate + 12k winch (temporary til I pony up for a nicer winch) to go with my Rancho's I've already installed! Gonna be a productive week, hopefully. Edit: rears are not discos, just longer sway links. Whoops! Misspoke!
  7. AWayne

    Free roadside SBC?

    Y'all aren't gonna believe this shit. Found a 1981 350 SBC, laying on the side of the road. I.. might go pick it up after work.
  8. AWayne

    Jeep Telemania radio?

    Any chance somebody else has one of those, operational? I've found my dads from when he'd bought a TJ new, and I'm trying to get it halfway functional again. I'd love to see a picture of the wiring from one that's still working for reference. Sorry if this isn't the appropriate section to post in.
  9. AWayne

    DEI fuel rail shield write up

    Took the time to replace the factory heat shield, as I was having some issues that felt like vapor lock. For instance, would go into Walmart, come out, and would have a rough idle for a few minutes until I drove around for a minute. I took pictures of everything so I wouldn't forget what I'd...
  10. AWayne

    AWayne's Desert Sand TJ

    Figured i'd go ahead and start a build thread and throw some pictures on from when I got this ole turd. Here's when I first bought it, with my little buddy Axl peeking through the window. April/2021. Bone stock! Still had the factory spare at 120k!
  11. AWayne

    $800 1987 Comanche Sportruck

    Forgot I haven’t posted anything about this ole turd. Bought it for $800, put new rotors/calipers/pads on, and sent it. Just drove it to work today. Thank god the heat works, it’s dropped from 70s to high 30s in a week! And here’s the cold and dark today pic
  12. AWayne

    Factory mirror glass replacement?

    I’m sure this is going to be odd, but does anyone know where I could get a factory door mirror glass replacement? WITH the Chrysler Jeep logo on the top? I ordered the mirror assembly for my passenger side (broke the glass on my factory assembly) and.. this one looks a lot crappier than it did...
  13. AWayne

    Painted Ravines?

    Alright, starting another thread because I done some test rattle bombs before stripping the wheels down and actually putting the effort into painting them right. What’s the consensus? Graphite? Bronze? Or Gold?
  14. AWayne

    Bronze or Graphite Ravine's?

    Scored some decent Ravine’s for $80. Looking into Bronze HWP105 Duplicolor, or Graphite HWP102 Duplicolor. Anybody done this before? I’ve seen a few black painted Ravine, and not a huge fan. Jeep for reference, 2000 Sahara Desert Sand Pearl.
  15. AWayne

    EDIT: PROBLEM IS BACK, DIDNT FIX. Speedometer bouncing fixed by replacing junk MSD Coil Rail?

    EDIT: PROBLEM IS BACK! The MSD coil ended up not being the issue. Problem was away for a bit, but now it has unfortunately returned. Back on the hunt! First off, big thanks to this forum for being great. Lots of information here that have helped me in various ways over a few years. Hopefully...