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  1. ZazzelDazzel

    Different tires found thinking on it

    Yup thinking about these new creations.. Going back to 15’s and BM breaks. Under 50mph mainly trails Giving the tires attached serious consideration. If not will go 35 12.5 15R boring safe route…
  2. ZazzelDazzel

    Help w 97 defroster HVAC actuators

    Hello all, would like assistance in temp fix for my defroster actuators. Currently default all air to windshield defrost, with all arms open. Fan and heat works but isn't ideal. I know I have a leak but its too cold to fix the vacuum lines rt now and risk more damage on cold. My summer...
  3. ZazzelDazzel

    Too much distributor gear wear

    Time for a new one or some life left? Brand recommendations? Also since folks like pics, and since I’m here, am I aligned correctly? yes I’m at TDC marks… I might crank the engine two revs for a triple check. Thanks for any info in advance or retard. (Distro pun intended)