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    For all of us with two wheels also

    I picked up a 2006 Harley Sportster today for my second bike.
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    Just.Thorne's Tank Green LJ Build

    I just so happened to drive past that auto dealer with the TJs in Barneveld while making a delivery, and I recognized it from this thread. Decided to stop and look at the Jeeps. The Golden eagle, Rubihara, and LJR's are still there. Small world. 🤯
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    For all of us with two wheels also

    How do you guys deal with the disease of buying multiple bikes? I broke down and decided to look for #2.
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    Oh @AndyG...... remember this.

    What about the 50k miles it went down the road without the longer wheel studs? Need all the purchase, what do you mean? Not trying to be snarky I'm just genuinely confused about the lug stud length and whether it really effects anything if it doesn't clear the lug nut. I will get ET lug nuts to...
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    Oh @AndyG...... remember this.

    With factory disc brakes and factory rims that came with the Rubicon the rear lug studs already don't go all the way through the lug nuts. Most only notice because they're using open ended lug nuts. Is this something that's only a concern with spacers?
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    Should I loosen and re-torque control arms after lift?

    Is it necessary to loosen and retorque control arms after doing a lift? How many members did or did not follow this procedure and what was the result? This is more of a question for smaller lifts with stock style fixed length with rubber bushings. As the larger lifts usually have adjustable...
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    Cheaping out on a soft top

    So the soft top of my TJ needs to be replaced, and I'm in a bit of a pickle. My TJ is in pretty rough shape, it's basically a rust bucket. I'm not trying to sink anymore money in it, as I already have spent a lot on it and the problems are still not resolved. Calling it a parts jeep would be...
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    Having troubles with extended YJ brake lines routing

    So I'm having some difficulties here with the extended lines I'm using. I had both driver and passenger lines orientated the same way to copy the stock set up. Essentially the beginning portion of the hard line by the caliper is kinked upwards slightly, with the flex line facing towards the back...
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    Rear Sway Bar Link Hardware Question

    I'm going from unknown stock length links in the rear to the JKS adjustable 2942, the ones that you cut to length needed. It uses the original hardware. The link I have has the original flag nut and bolt for frame. However for the axle mounting bolt it won't work because the shank size is much...
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    Metal Clanking Sound From Transmission

    Okay so this is a shot in the dark but I thought I'd try. I have this metallic clanking/clinking sound. It's a very hollow metallic sound that is a high pitched clanking/ticking that will increase in speed or decrease, then disappear (possibly due to road/wind noise). It's very prominent in...
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    Do I torque the track bar with gas tank in or out?

    Hey everybody, I may be over thinking this a little but I thought I would ask. I was getting ready to install my adjustable rear JKS track bar with tires on the ground shocks and springs in when I noticed my ride height was a quarter of an inch higher in the rear with gas tank and skid removed...
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    Previous owner woes and a DPG kit

    So, some of you may have seen my thread about the rear relocation bracket. Essentially, I wanted to reuse the bracket but unfortunately, the PO had drilled the holes out with a very unsteady hand not keeping it straight. This resulted in the top hole being two times the bolt diameter and with...
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    Should I be concerned about this rear track bar relocation bracket?

    The PO added a trackbar relocation bracket but didn't even bother to keep the drill straight. The hole on top is way larger than the bolt diameter used, and there is no more than 1/8th inch of metal left. Is this a concern? This was a 2 inch lift, I may go to 2 and 3/8ths. Should I just ditch...
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    Fuel pump connector stuck

    Well I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before and whether I'm just plain doing something wrong. It took me about 5 seconds to get the rear of my LJ on stands, wheels and fender liners off, all gas lines and carriage bolt nuts off, sway bar, track bar and lower shock bolts. Then...
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    Rancho RS5407 Steering Stabilizer: Question about sleeve.

    Does anyone know what the little metal sleeve that comes with the stabilizer is for? It doesn't seem to fit anywhere on the Rancho and looks like there's no use for it.
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    Lost Needle Bearings

    So I disconnected my front DS to get more droop when installing springs and when I tried to reinstall the front DS again sure enough I dropped a cap on the ground and 4 needles came out. I put the 4 back in but it looked like there was a gap left about maybe half the size of a needle. So I...
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    What's best source for researching TJ pricing?

    I would just look at Facebook, CL, bring a trailer, auto auctions, and sometimes even the TJ forum for sale ads. KBB is more of a guideline than anything else and especially in today's market is going to be off quite a bit. You can always ask a bit high then lower the price. Look at jeeps...
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    JB Weld and Hockey Pucks

    Who has used this method for bumpstop on front spring perch? Is it reliable, does it make a difference if the vehicle will not be used offroad?
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    Need help cycling suspension for track bar, full bump

    I am currently in the process of cycling for Rancho RS5000x RS55239, 2-3 inch lift shocks, in conjunction with Currie TJS bar and 32s. As I wanted to test the fitment before drilling, I have the axle side in with the factory bolt and flag nut, and I have the frame side ziptied in. I am...
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    Front bump stop extension on top v.s. bottom

    I have a question concerning extending the bump stops up front. We know that adding bump stop to the bottom at the front spring perch is the best way to go as the jounces have that habit of hitting the spring coils at full droop I am in the process of doing a 3 inch lift on the front, my Jeep...